Loveleen Kaur Sasan

Other names of Loveleen Kaur Sasan: Lovey Sasan
Loveleen Kaur Sasan Hindi Actress

I know this name isn’t familiar, but when you look up to her carefully, you’ll note her in various soaps.Now, she is the talk of the town for the tremendous acting done by her in the serial ‘Kaisa Ye IshqHai’ as Rano. This serial stars SukritiKandpal and Gaurav Bajaj Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Gaurav Bajaj as the lead characters. It’s one of the achievements only to work with such talented actors. Before this serial, she appeared on EktaKapoor’s ‘ Bade AccheLagteHai’ as Anamika. Though in this serial she did a small role only. She is 23 years old and was born in 1991. Loveleen may look fragile a tender as per her age, but the courage posed by her may even put me to shame.

There’s an incident when she and her friend were stuck in a rickshaw near Lokhandwala market. As usual a thug came and forcefully snatched her purse and ran away. The thief was supported by two more men. Without even thinking once, Loveleen and her friend ran behind the thief screaming aloud, but due to the two companions of thief, they weren’t able to catch the thug. They were later helped by traffic police who caught hold of the thug. The best part is that the purse contained only 1200 rupees yet the girls did their best. This incident was noticed by one of the filmmakers, Ashok Pandit, who helped the girls in registering FIR against the thugs. Isn’t this great when several people were just looking a crime going on and our girls display courage. We wish to see more of Loveleen on serials as this is only the beginning of her career.