Hindi Tv Serial Anamika

Anamika Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

YES! Believe or not but Anamika is one of the rarest "Witch story" of Indian television industry. The creator of the show Sony Entertainment Television India did ever justice to make this show the most mysterious and scariest show. The story is all about a Witch named Anamika whose character was brilliantly played by Simran Kaur. Anamika wants a partner who can live with her for years and years. Her wish comes true when she finds an innocent boy named Jeet Saluja (Mudit Nayar). Jeet, who is in love with his childhood friend Rano, suddenly gets attracted towards Anamika.

Anamika did everything to attract him, but when Jeet and Rano's family tried to tie them in a relationship she lost her abstinence. She used her black magic and marries Jeet, but Rano saves him from her evil intentions. Later, Jeet will get to know about the truth of Anamika. When Jeet and Rano marry each other, Anamika commits suicide. When everything seems alright, the spirit of Anamika haunt them badly and at the end Rano gives up her life to save Jeet from her.

Again Anamika comes back to their lives and the same incidents starts happening. This time Chhavi saves the life of Jeet who again falls in Anamika's trap due to her black magic tricks. Chhavi who is now the wife of Jeet gave her all to save Jeet from Anamika's evil world. Jeet killed Anamika and her evil story. Annie Gill impressed all the critics in the role of Rano. This is the show that really gives the viewer a fantasy world where they float between evil and decent emotions.