Hindi Tv Serial Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki - Gangaa

Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki - Gangaa Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv

Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki - Gangaa  was a TV series that was telecasted on Colors channel. It started airing from February 15, 2010, to September 3, 2010. Anurradha Prasad produced the series and directed by Yash Chauhan. This is the one of the pioneer stories of conventional ‘Punar-Janam’ (re-birth and incarnation) plots. It's a love story that happened some time ago in time, and then again. Also, there are also the traditional villain and heroine characters, without whom the ‘Punar-Janam’ (re-birth) could not be detected! The story revolves around a young village girl named Ganga. It is the story of Ganga (played by Jayshree Soni), who is considered as a cursed girl in the village because there are white scars on her hand. Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki – Gangaa serial had a very engaging story line and that is why Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki – Gangaa episodes are still immensely popular with the audience till date. Among all the episodes, Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki – Gangaa episode 1 and the last episode are the most famous till date.

In her previous birth, her hands were burnt by her husband Harshvardhan on the wedding night. She died with burnt white scars in her previous birth. She does but reincarnate with the same white scar on her hand again. Fate is so cruel even after her re-birth happened. Her stepmother and brother want to get rid of her and fix her marriage with an evil man called Jeevan. Meanwhile, Ganga’s friend Shivam (played by Vivian Dsena) does not believe that Ganga is cursed, and he falls in love with her unintentionally and takes her away from Jeevan. Both run away to another village Rajgarh.

While, on the journey, Jeevan’s men attack Ganga and forcefully tries to bring her back but Shivam saves the life of Ganga from hooligans and takes her to his adopted brother Harshvardhan. When Ganga meets Harshvardhan (played by ‘Tarun Khanna’), she recollects that Harshvardhan was her husband who burnt her hands in the previous birth. Even Harshvardhan recognizes his dead wife who is re-born again. What happens next forms the remaining story. The Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki – Gangaa cast includes actors like Surendra Pal, Zeb Khan, and actress Amrapali Gupta were also part of the serial.