Hindi Tv Serial Aapki Antara

Aapki Antara Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Aapki Antara was written by Monish Sekhri and Amit Senchoudhary and directed by Sanjay Surkar and Dharam Dhiman. This story is all about a five-year-old child which was telecasted on Zee TV in India. The total number of episodes was about 175 which played for around 27 minutes.

The show started airing from June 2009 to February 2010. Show’s main character was Antara, who was born to Anuradha and Aditya. But unfortunately, Anuradha died in a typical car accident. Antara was later on orphaned and in this situation, Aditya wants to take Antara to be with him in his house together with his son Abhishek and wife Vidya. But Antara was not regular in her activities and later on Aditya finds that the actual reason behind Antara’s behaviour was that she was suffering from autism.

As per others, she is always dreaming and slow in her activities. This epic series will explain the sufferings of persons with autism sensitively. Antara – (played by Zaynah Vastani ) is an innocent child. Vidya – Prabhleen Sandhu is soft and seeing  Antara’s innocence she accepts her to be a part of their life. Aditya – Darshan Pandya who is the ex-lover of Anuradha is more ideal in his life and will never comprise of anything.