Hindi Tv Serial 2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aage

2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aage Hindi TV SERIALS on SONY ENTERTAINMENT

The possibilities and dreams about future have been among the major driving powers behind the advancement in technologies and science fiction inspirations since ancient times. Every day human beings try to be better than their past selves hoping to be better than those who came before them and trying to get closer to those who will come after them. Many novels, movies, cartoons etc. have been made in an attempt to imagine and realize the big question - “How will the future world look like?”.

2025 Jaane Kya HogaAagey is an attempt at finding an answer to this question but from an Indian perspective. The show “2025 Jaane Kya HogaAagey” is a futuristic comedy TV series.The director is Aziz Khan and the producers are Sanjiv Sharma and Vipul D. Shah. The show’s star cast includes Lubna Salim (Ganga Joshi), Sunil Barve(Inder Joshi), PayalRohatgi(Forum), Akhlaque Khan (Navin Joshi), Garima Jain (Geetanjali Joshi), SanyuktaTimsina(Naisha Joshi), Urmila Tiwari (Neetika Joshi), Monica Castelino(Monica), Navina Bole (Sulagana), Mitansh Gera (Nick), Arvind Vaidya (Mr.Patel), Sharmilee Raj (Nirmal Joshi),PareshBhatt.

Written by Vipul D Shah, Vinay Chhawal and ViratBasoya, the show’s endearingly humorous story revolves around a family whose mother had died in the year 2011 and after 14 years the kids are coercing their father to remarry another girl. But in spite of repeated pressurisation, the father is vehemently opposed to this proposal and consequently starts having nightmares of him being remarried with an old woman, who has been made to look younger than his daughter with anti-aging treatment and plastic surgery. In his dream, his son gets him seated at the Pandal and the ceremony begins with a 3D fire & the Panditon video conferencing.

To deal with this issue and hopefully, fill the void in her father’s heart, the daughter of the family, Naisha, who has returned from the USA after her graduation in Computer Science, decides to bring back her mother using the technology of the next decade.Other characters include their innocent & sometimes stupid neighbours, Mr. &Mrs Patel and a high-class home-maid (a.k.a house help) Monica, who travels in a BMW and also has a Business Card. The show was aired on Sony Entertainment Television (India) from 31 August 2015. Unfortunately, due to low TRP rating, this brilliant show was terminated after airing for only 2 months.