Hindi Awards 7th National Film Awards

7th National Film Awards Hindi AWARDS on YouTube Channel

The 7th National Film Awards ceremony happened to present awards to the best of all categories in Indian Cinema in the year 1959. It was then known as State Awards for films. Vice-president of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan honours the winner of awards and wishes. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting presented the entire ceremony that took place in New Delhi at Vigyan Bhavan on 1 May 1960. The whole event continued for two days, first and second of May.

On the first day, it started by n introductory speech by Dr. B. V. Keshkar, Minister of Information and Broadcasting. Then it’s followed by the presentation of awards by displaying of reports. Then Vice-president addressed the audience and finally we had the speech of thanks by the President of Film Federation of India, on behalf of Film Industry.After that, we had the interval and the ceremony of the day ended with the exhibition of Gold Medal winning Feature film “Apu Sansar” and Documentary “ Kathakali”.

The following day the ceremony concluded with a reception at the Rashtrapati Bhavan by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting. The awards that were given we divided in the following way. The award had two categories feature films and non-feature films. We have all India bests and regional bests to get the certificates. For the country’s best in the feature film category the first prize and the Gold Medal went to Satyajit Rai’s film Apur Sansar (Bengali) winning total of 25000, the runner-up were “Heera Moti” (Hindi) earning 12500 and “ Sujata” (Hindi) getting the certificate of merit. In the documentary genre, “Kathakali” (English) and “Mayurakshi Dam” (English) and won the certificate of merit each and the former earning 2500 rupees total.

The award for the children’s film went to “Banyan Deer” (English) for which they got certificates of merit. In the regional section, the awards are not the same. Many regions missed the silver medal and only the certificate of merit is given. They are in Bengali, Kannada and Malayalam; the awardees are Bicharak, Jagat Jyoti Basaweswara and Chathurangam respectively. For others, President's Silver Medals was awarded to Peburen for Assamese, Anari in Hindi, Bhaaga Pirivinai in Tamil, Nammina Bantu for Telugu. Many awards were not given for no one was found suitable.

Like President's Gold Medal for the Best Documentary Film, the President Silver Medal in the Best Feature Film series in Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi. Prime Minister's Gold Medal for the Best Children's Film is also not awarded.