English Tv Show The Sopranos Season 6

The Sopranos Season 6 English TV SERIALS on HBO

The Sopranos is an American Television series which had been created and produced by David Chase. This show had been broadcasted on HBO between January 10, 1999, and June 10, 2007, in six seasons, with the last one having two parts. The production companies which produced this show were ‘Chase Films’ and ‘Bad Grey Television’. This show belongs to crime- drama genre. The Sopranos revolves around the Italian-American Mafia Don, Tony Soprano and his family. It deals with the tough times and the hardships he faced, in balancing his family life and crime mafia.

The first part of the sixth season premiered on March 12, 2007. After the events of the previous seasons, Tony’s friend and agent, Hesh Rabkin and his son-in-law are brutally assaulted. The FBI lose the agent in Tony’s gang. Uncle Junior’s mental stability starts deteriorating, and he shoots Tony Soprano, and this makes their family to ponder about them. Tony starts getting troubles in his business life. Johnny Sack gets leave approval from prison for a duration of six hours for his daughter’s marriage. After his daughter’s marriage, he returns to jail with a lot of depression in his heart.

Tony deals with the problem by Phil Leotardo, who is the boss of New York. Tony thinks of killing several of his companions. Christopher starts consuming cocaine, and due to narcotic addiction, eventually kills his friend J.T. Dolan. Later he gets severely injured in a car accident. Johnny Sack dies in prison due to lung cancer. After Johnny’s death Phil considers himself as the chief of Lupertazzi family. Phil decides to take over the Sopranos and be the number one. An FBI agent tells Tony about Phil’s location and needs him dead.

After all the chaos it is shown that Tony, Carmela and A.J meet for dinner and the episode ends there. The Sopranos is one of the best American Television series broadcasted on HBO. This series has won more than a hundred awards across America and internationally also. The theme song for this show was “Woke Up This Morning” by Alabama 3. The main protagonist of this series Tony Soprano had been played by James Gandolfini, who was a well-known American actor.

The other characters include Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano, Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti, Robert Iler as Anthony "A. J." Soprano, Vincent Curatola as Johnny "Sack" Sacrimoni and Frank Vincent as Phil Leotardo.