Edie Falco is from Brooklyn New York, born on 5th of July 1963 to the talented couple who was also an actress and Frank Falco who was a jazz drummer. Having come from Italian and Swedish traits in her blood, she was well educated and classically learned acting like a pro. Growing up in Long Island, she attended SUNY Purchase and got training at Conservatory of Theater Arts and Films for acting. This formed a strong basis for her long run career.

Though her acting did not kick off soon after she came to LA, she did not lose heart. Her first job, as she recalls, was wearing a costume in the mall but she did her best and got the chance to appear on Bullets Over Broadway in 1994. Although she was well trained in acting, she was not cut out for the movies or so her career says. She got her break in the television shows like Homicide: Life on the Street, as a wife to a cop in Law And Order, and in the Prison Drama Oz as a corrections officer. She was seen doing cameos and small parts in the movies which did not give her acting any strong credibility, despite the talent.

In 1999, Edie got her big break playing the Mobster’s wife in The Sopranos. Playing Carmela, wife of New Jersey Mobster Tony Soprano, was an HBO production show. Her acting was highlighted and to such an extent that she made a record winning Golden Globe Award, an Emmy and also a SAG award in the same year (2000) for her Supporting Character Role in the hit show. She joined the elite class of America Ferrara and Tina Fey A multi-talented person, Tina Fey is an American a >> Read More... Tina Fey to have got this feat. Edie was honored by the Television Critics Association Award for Individual Achievement in the field of drama. Edie has also won four Emmys and five of Screen Actors Guild Awards and two Golden Globe Awards for her show overall.

Also making another record, Edie is one of those few actors who have won both for Best Actor in a Drama and as well as for Comedy. Edie’s film career was not as successful as that of her small screen career. She was cast in the movies for small supporting roles and appeared on Reversal Of Fortune, Cop Land, ‘Trust’, Random Hearts, and ‘Freedomland’. But a special mention can be made of the film The Sunshine State where she played a supporting character, Mary Temple. She was nominated for several awards for this role and won at the LA Film Critics’ Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

Edie’s talent was much justified and acknowledged on Broadway. Her acting school skills paid off when she has seen in Side Man and Frankie and Johnny In Clair de Lune and Night Mother. Sideman, which opened on 1998 and ran for a year, had Edie play Terry, a supporting role in the play. Her performance was worth watching and was nominated for many prestigious awards. Playing Frankie in the play Frankie and Johnny in Clair de Lune, Edie attained huge popularity and the play showcased on 2002, turned out to be a huge success commercially as well. Edie was seen sharing the stage with co-star Stanley Tucci Born in Peekskill, New York, Stanley is not only a >> Read More... Stanley Tucci and the play was very well received. Her last Broadway appearance was The House of Blue Leaves in 2011, where she played Bananas Shaughnessy and she was bestowed with the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play.

Edie’s role in the title show Nurse Jackie, where she plays Nurse Jackie, is a role which gave her an opportunity to showcase her comedic skills and it ran from 2009 through 2015. Playing Jackie Peyton in the show in the Manhattan Hospital Emergency room, Edie plays a role that is flawed and has tainted views on bureaucracy and her character is always addicted to pain meds, which shows Jackie as a realistic figure in the show. This comedy series ended in 2015 earning her an Emmy and a large fan base. Edie is set to appear in the main role in the web series called Horace And Pete as Sylvia in the 2016 series.

Edie’s life has been full of ups and downs. She was not perfect even in her real life. In 2004 she was given a breast cancer diagnosis but she was successful in overcoming it. She had severe drinking problems but after realizing it, she quit and now supports the twelve step program of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). In 2004, she adopted a baby boy and named him Anderson and in 2008, a girl child was adopted into her family. Never married, Edie wishes to spend her life with her children and also work constantly in the entertainment industry as she considers it as a regular job. The 51-year-old actress is still active and is known for her short hair and funny bone persona.