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Teen Wolf season 5, created by Jeff Davis and produced by Joseph P. Genier is an American supernatural thriller which aired on MTV network. The show aired in two parts of which the first episode of the first show premiered on June 29, 2015, and the second half premiered on January 5, 2016. The show came to an end on March 8, 2016. The 20 episodes long adventure drama is believed to be inspired by the film Teen Wolf which released in 1985. The show is also a visual treat thanks to Russell Mulcahy.

Like all other seasons, the plot of the show revolves around Tyler Posey who played the role of Scott, the chief teen wolf who tries to do things in a different direction as other werewolves. Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski and Holland Roden as Lydia Martin personate leading characters. Scott, at the core, is kind, humble and an admirable person irrespective of his powers, and that makes him win all his friends. All Teen Wolf seasons are more like a superhero film in which the villain never got completely killed, moreover to get the series going on and on. 

Season 5 sees Scott and his friends begin the senior year as they find themselves heading towards a future without each other. Science and the supernatural join hands in the name of the Dread Doctors who create the Beast the most powerful, horrible and undefeatable monster, which is a threat to the Beacon Hills. The fifth season seems scattered in a sense that everyone was doing their peculiar things which messed the storyline. The focus of the show lost in the middle episodes, but the ending gave the meaning to the show.

Although the twists and turns did not make sense all the time, yet it was satisfying to see Scott using his brain and thinking ahead of what all other people did. The Beast proved time again that he is an enemy too sturdy and too magnificent to be defeated by a werewolf or two. Everyone was brought together with fun twists and turns. The climax of the episode, as everyone joins hands to save the Beacon Hills from the Beast, feels gratifying.

The happy ending comes when the Parrish defeats the Beast with Scott’s help. The Dread Doctors seem mostly dead. The show won the Choice TV: Summer show and Scene Stealer (Dylan O'Brien) at the Teen Choice Awards. It also got nominated for the Teen Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards and The Saturn Awards for various categories.