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Skins Series 6 English TV SERIALS on E4

“Skins” is a British tv series based on the lives of a bunch of teenagers who live in Bristol, South West England, through the final two years of their high school life. Created by father-and-son writers Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain for Company Pictures, the 6th series of the show first aired on E4 tv channel from January 23, 2012, to March 26, 2012. The many famous characters like Dakota Blue Richards, Freya Mavor, Sean Tale, Jessica Sula, Laya Lewis, Will Merrick, Alex Arnold & Sebastian De Souza from the fifth series return in the sixth series. Sam Jackson, who plays Alex Henley, is an addition to the main cast. In the first episode titled everyone, the gang is on holiday in Morocco. There the group joins the party at a flash villa owned by Luke. Everything does not seem to be going well between Franky & Matty. Things become complicated when Franky starts taking an interest in the playboy drug-dealer Luke.

But the gang is unaware of the threat looming over their heads and are invited by Luke to a beach where Jake asks Matty to do a dangerous job if he wants Franky back. In the second episode, Rich, being banned from visiting Grace in her ward, is waiting outside the hospital. Then one day after receiving a call from her, he sneaks into Grace's room to finally meet her. The lovers reunite, but their problems are not over & Rich finds out that Blood is moving Grace to a different hospital located in Zurich. Rich decides to persuade her father, Professor Blood, but discovers that they are already gone. Alo tries to help his friend but he has other things on his mind. Consequently, the rift between the two friends starts widening and now it's up to Liv to keep the group together. In Alex, it's newcomer Alex's first day at college, and he sees something special in Liv and her too, develops feelings for him. Franky, in her feelings of loneliness & isolation, Franky feels propelled towards Luke.

With Luke, she finds an escape from her worries. But after Luke gets rough with her, she is saved by Nick who confesses that he loves her. In Mini, Mini's 'mum' has a new live-in boyfriend who Mini absolutely despise. The situation gets even more out of her hand when Alo declares his love for her. Mini soon discovers that she's pregnant and in her denial of the truth she tries to distance herself from her friends & Alo and seeks solace with her dad. Gregory promises to sort things out but the next morning she finds him gone & she tries to correct her mistakes by reuniting with her 'mum' & Alo, the later to no avail. Nick is deeply in love with Franky but has no choice except for accepting her as just a friend. Now with Matty back in touch, Nick is forced to put Franky aside and help his brother. He is torn between his emotions of love, loyalty and fear, & makes some bad decisions which land him in trouble. His efforts pay off when Franky accepts his feelings.

The episode ends with a brief video call where Matty sees Franky at Nick's house & she hangs up before he could respond. Alo is unaware of Mini's pregnancy & in his effort to put his relationship with Mini behind him, he hooks up with Poppy Champion (Holly Earl) who, unbeknownst to him, is underage. He soon regrets his decision when Poppy reports him to the police after he breaks up with her. Liv focuses on Liv's isolation after Alex leaves her for a week and the grief of Grace's death that she had been running from finally catches up with her. In Franky & Mini, Franky is in a dilemma with Matty's return to Bristol and Mini is unsure of her & the baby's future until Alo finds the truth. In the series Finale, the ghost from the past comes back as Franky discovers the truth about her supposedly dead mother. Mini, with Alo & Liv beside her, & Rich outside the room, goes into labour. The episode ends with Franky being reunited with her mother & Mini & Alo's baby's first cry.

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The English TV show Skins is an origin of United Kingdom. This show had ten episodes. Skins season- 6 was originally released on 23 January 2012 and lasted until 26 March 2012.This show has a chronological order in its seasons but the season after the season 6 was being named as Skins Redux and not in the chronological order . Actually it is a drama of Britain teens. The writers of the show were Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain. In this show the characters were of the third generation, and this show showed their lives in all the series. The main cast of the Skins season 6 are Dakota Blue Richards , who played the role of Franky Fitzgerald, Alex Arnold who , played the role of Rich Hardbeck , Freya Mavor who , played the role of Mini McGuinness , Laya Lewis who played the role of Liv Malone , Will Merrick who played the role of Alo Creevey , Sean Teale who played the role of Nick Levan, Jessica Sula who played the role of Grace Blood, Sebastian de Souza who played the role of Matty Levan and Sam Jackson who played the role of Alex Henley.

In this show every episode has got a separate title and a different story. In the season 6, it has got ten episodes and each episode is different. The first episode has been titled “Everyone” and this episode introduces the viewers to all the characters of the story. The story begins with the whole gang returning from their trip to Morocco . When they return from the trip nothing seems to be the same . In this way the story begins. The second episode was given the title “Rich” as this episode is only of the character Rich Hardbeck . In this episode, it shows the viewers that how Rich managed to meet his love Grace in the hospital and their re-union. The third episode was given the title “Alex” as this episode tells about the character Alex Henley. This episode gives a clear picture of Alex’s life , his first day at the college, his living and his character. The fourth episode was given the title “Franky” as this episode characters about Frank Fritzgeraid.

In this episode it shows the situation of franky which is truly bad as she had her mock exams that week and she couldn’t concentrate on her exams. This episode also gives the character description of Franky and her feelings. The fifth episode was given the title “Mini” as this gives information about the character Mini McGuinness. In this episode Mini is not comfortable with her mom and her new boyfriend. So she tries to escape from all these things with the help of her dad. Finally she realizes that at the end, she has to live her life. The sixth episode was given the title “Nick” as it shows about Nick Levan. In this episode, it shows that Nick loves Franky but couldnot express it to her. At the same time, Matty also loves Franky and approaches Nick for help. Nick tries to help Matty without showing his feelings to her. The seventh episode was given the title “Alo” , as it is the story about Alo creevey. In this episode Alo has got two different ends.

At the first end he is not aware of his child with Mini, and on the other end he has got a new girl in his life, Poppy. He started ignoring Mini completely and he complicated his life. The eighth episode was given the title “Liv”, as it is the story about “Liv Malone”. In this episode it can be seen that Liv enjoys with Alex , but he is not being seen in the weekend. She was in need of someone , but couldn’t reach out to anyone. The ninth episode was titled “Mini and Franky”, as this characters both Mini McGuinness and Franky Fritzgerald. In this episode, it is shown about the relationship of Mini and Frank , where they have to face many problems with their family and friends and gets isolated from each other. The final episode was again given the title “Everyone”,as this episode has got a final appearance of all the characters in the show. In this episode, it shows different situations of the characters in their lives where they could not confront for the death of Grace. Thus the Skins Season- 6 ends with ten episodes.