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Girl Code is a comedy and informative television series in the English language that used to air on the channel, MTV. MTV is a music and video-programming channel for the youth and adults demographic. The channel is owned by Viacom media and is an American satellite channel. The show, Girl Code was first launched on April 23rd, 2013. That was the beginning of the first season of the show. The show gained so much popularity amongst the audience, especially female audience that they came up with two more seasons of the show.

The final season of the show, Season 4 was launched in the year 2015 in August. It was the shortest season of all with only 16 episodes in total. Each episode was half an hour long. Now the airing day of the show has been fluctuating throughout the season, but the show was aired once a week, on either Mondays or Wednesdays. Girl Code is a female-oriented and information based show, but the genre of the show is a comedy. The show is actually an off-shoot of another popular American series called the ‘Guy Code.’

Girl Code is a unique kind of show that highlights the complex world of women. The show works as a guide to women of all ages whenever they into the world outside. In this show, actresses, comedians, musicians, etc., many popular figures of the industry talk about the complicated agendas in a woman’s rather simple looking life. From sexual topics to emotional topics, health care to social topics, a women’s life is filled with complications and difficult times. The worst part is most of these issues are supposed to be kept under covers because of certain unspoken rules that have been followed by the society through eras.

This show breaks all those stereotypes and brings all these issues out in the open and not only tells the world that a woman’s issues are not something to be shameful about but also guide these women through these issues Dating, friendships, love, sex, etc., every need of a woman is addressed in the show and rather boldly. The show is very real and raw because of the use of language and the style of the flow of the show. The ladies who speak about these things are rather quirky and sometimes send out bouts of laughter to the viewers.

But there are loads to learn from this show, especially about female hygiene and female mindsets. The show is like a cheat code to a girl’s life. The girls who talk about this stuff are Alesha Renee, Nessa, Awkwafina, Carly Aquilino, Tiara Thomas, Alice Wetterlund, etc. There are also some guys who give their outlook towards these matters related to women. In Season 4, the ladies discuss emotions like being insecure, boredom, over-thinking, guilt, anger, getting hurt, etc. They also talk about issues like sexual pressure, bad sex, dry spells, birth control, etc.

They also give some tips and hacks about spoiling your boyfriends, pampering yourself, P-Power, getting a gay bestie, etc. This season had a special section added called #AskGirlCode. Here the viewers send in their kinkiest and sometimes, important questions to the girls, and they had to answer them on camera. The show was brought back in 2017 as a web-series on popular demand and was available on Snap chat Discover platform.