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Free Fall is a crime show based in Atlanta. It first premiered on 1 January 2013. Each episode has a runtime of one hour. Four seasons have been telecasted till now. The first season contains eleven episodes. The second season consists of four episodes. Eighteen episodes make up the third season of the American Crime Drama TV serial. The fourth season was cancelled due to legal issues, and as a result, only one episode was aired.

The cast of show the are: Jody Ray Vahn, Alonzo Fri’zon, DeAndre Lemans, Rico Milan, Porchea Carroll, Reginald Champion, Joshua Gilyard, Yancy Jones, Krystina Fisher, Royal Joseph, Beliria Sims, Nikki Lowe, Ty Glascoe, Ugeneis Hines, Shamon Glaspy, Toni Bernard, Isaiah Green. Lamont Pierre is the director of the serial. Geno Brooks, Jared Wofford, Jenique Keyatta Holder-Holder-Mincey, Shamon Glaspy, Nicolle M. Whalen, Lamont Pierre, Rashad Mubarak, Chris Saunders and Morekeia Isaacs, are the producers of the show. Mark Kueffner provided music for nineteen episodes.

There are many films and TV shows made with the same name. It is common for people to be confused between these. Free Fall is a story about brothers who are brought up in a decent community. Unfortunately, as they grow older, they start indulging into illegal stuff, which makes them drift away from the reality. Their mum meanwhile, tries her best to rescue her boys. The underground mafia has people everywhere. That is why it is difficult to go against them. Due to their strong influence, even the law enforcements are afraid to put them behind bars.

Linda is not like other women. She was brought up in a violent household, and she has learnt to deal with such kind of people. So when her eldest son starts getting involved with these people, instead of going to the police, she goes to her brother, and they together plan to defeat the mafia. They cannot use the help of the government as, the Ministers are the biggest beneficiaries of their activities. They however find a good policeman who is ready to help them. The show was not that popular in the States. Due to legal issues surrounding it, the producers had to quit the show, and the network abandoned it, never to be remade again.