English Tv Serial Star Of The Family

Star Of The Family English TV SERIALS on ABC

Star of the family is an American television serial that gets aired on ABC. The genre of the show is Sitcom. The creator of the show is Rick Mitz. The star cast of the show includes Brain Dennehy, Todd Susman, Michael Dudikoff, George Delhoyo, Robert Clotworthy, and Kathy Maisnik. This show gets on-air on 30th September 1982 and gets off-air on 9th December 1982. The Running time of the show is 30-32 minutes approximately. This has a multi-camera setup. This is produced by Paul Waigner and Stu Silver. The total number of episodes is 1 and the number of seasons is 1. The production company of the show is Paramount Television.

Captain Buddy Krebs has a little girl who is 16 years old and her name is Jennie Lee, she started singing as her voice and the genre of singing is highly appreciated by the audience in the country. This scares his father as he is worried about her future. This man has so much trouble in his life as his wife runs off, his son has more muscles in the brain than the nerve, who is just 17-years old. His friends at the fire house are very much strange. Leo Feldman is the one who has told her mother that he is a doctor instead of a fireman. Frank Rosetti has sex in his brain all the time and Max Hernandaz who have very pathetic English and speaks fractured English as well. Jennie finally sings with her manager named Judy whose name suits her description. The last character is named Tiffany. The audio format of the show is Monaural.