English Tv Serial Small Wonder

Small Wonder  English TV SERIALS on STAR PLUS

Small wonder is an American Comedy Science Fiction Series. The show was initially telecasted from 7 September 1985 to 20 May 1989.  After a decade plus. this serial was aired on Star Plus. This program is Comedy Science Fiction Sitcom. It was created by Howard Leeds and directed by Peter Baldwin, Bob Claver, Dick Christie, Linda Day, Selig Frank, Leslie H. Martinson. Budd Grossman and Bruce Taylor are the producers, and Howard Leeds is the executive director. Small Wonder is an exciting story that revolves around a robot in the form of a ten-year-old girl.

Ted Lawson is an inventor and engineer for united Robotronics who created the robot. The robot named VICI, an acronym for Voice Input Child Identical. Lawson calls her as Vicky. He made efforts to make the robot to assist the disabled children. Vicky went to Lawson’s home to learn about the human environment. Vicky’s features are fabulous; she has superhuman strength and speed on her right arm.

Lawson's family never let anyone know the truth about Vicky's origin, and they keep it as a secret. However, their neighbors never agree with them and always pop doubt about her and become a headache. All the neighbors got doubts when she made some unexpected moments, Especially, Harriet, who lives next door. Her father is Lawson's co-worker. Harriet always finds some unusual things about Vicky and raises doubts. Small Wonder show frequently derives comedy from Vicky's attempts to learn human activities, her unpredictable struggles.

These series start with a theme song, which opens saying, "She's a Small Wonder" and ends with the same. The Theme music composers are Rod Alexander, Howard Leeds, Diane Leslie, composed by George Greeley and Ed Lojeskie. Dick Christie played the lead roles as Ted Lawson, Marla Pennington as Joan Lawson (Ted's wife), Tiffany Brissette as Vicky.