English Tv Serial Faking It

Faking It English TV SERIALS on M TV

Faking It is a romantic comedy TV series broadcasted by MTV. This American teen sitcom focuses on homosexuality of the characters studying in Hester High School. Karma Ashcroft, since a very long time, wanted to become famous, no matter how. She has a best friend, Amy. The two of them are invited to the house party of a gay student, Shane. Over there, they are nominated for Homecoming Queens and are labeled as the first lesbian couple by everyone. Karma is happy that she has become the center of attention. Seduced by the fame, they continue to act like a lesbian couple. But things get complex when Karma falls in love with Shane’s best friend, Liam. Liam is an artist in the same school.

Earlier, she was happy to play the role of lesbian with Amy but wants to start a serious relationship with Liam. She persuades Amy to get into relationships with other girls. Amy knows that Karma is her sole interest and confides this to Shane. Realizing that she must move on, Amy gets into serious relationships with other girls. Liam also gets into a relationship with Karma to experience how it would be to be with a lesbian but later realizes that he has true feelings for Karma. Things get a bit complicated as Karma feels frustrated on being the second priority in Amy’s life and tension starts in the group with a change in her behavior. Also, Liam’s status as a player in the school causes trouble for him as the trust is on the line with Karma.

It confuses everyone as it is not clear if it is Karma’s possessiveness for Amy or if she has romantic feelings for her. Amy also has a stepsister, Lauren and Amy’s mother, Farrah is unable to come to terms with her daughter’s homosexuality, bonds more with Lauren. Farrah is very conservative, and Amy’s situation shocks her to the core. Eventually, it is Lauren who discovers that they are faking it and the whole thing is just a drama for popularity. Lauren also has issues to deal with after Shane confronts her for taking pills, not realizing her need to take hormones. A secret initially amongst few friends, Lauren becomes distressed as more and more students find out. The show is all about friendship and its delicateness. The show was originally eight seasons long, but MTV has discontinued it after season 3.