English Tv Serial Damages

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Damages is a legal thriller aired on FX is a story that entails how a law school protégé turns out to be a high stake litigator. It premiered on 24th of July as a television version in the FX channel and was aired for three seasons. After which they switched to DirecTV for their last two seasons, which got over in the year 2012. This story shows the two side story i.e. the law firm’s as well as their opponent which gives a pretty good understanding of the dealings.

This is a story about a brilliant and merciless lawyer (Patty Hewes) who got a protégé (Ellen Parsons) straight out a law school. It started with a class-action lawsuit against the wealthiest man in the state. It maintained the audience to be glued to their TV episode by episode. The story is all about how the shifts in the balance of power among the characters bring a huge change in life, thus inflicting DAMAGES.