Yendha Nerathilum is the horror film starring Ramakrishnan and Yasmith in the lead roles. The film also has Leema Babu, Sandra Amy and Singampuli in suppo

Yendha Nerathilum Movie Review

Yendha Nerathilum Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Yendha Nerathilum"
Runtime: 1 hour 52 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 21-07-2017
Genre: Horror
2 / 5.0



Yendha Nerathilum Click to look into! >> Read More... Yendha Nerathilum is the horror film starring “ Ramakrishnan Ramakrishnan is an Indian Film Actor. He works in >> Read More... Ramakrishnan ” and “Yasmith” in the lead roles. The film also has Leema Babu Leema Babu is a famous Indian film heroine who app >> Read More... Leema Babu , Sandra Amy Sandra Amy was born on fifth June 1992, in Kerala, >> Read More... Sandra Amy and “ Singampuli Singampuli is a well known actor in Kollywood indu >> Read More... Singampuli ” in supporting roles. R Muthukumar directed the film. Saalai Sahaadevan is the cinematographer. The music composition is by Sabesh and Murali. Lion N Ramalingam and Uma Ramalingam of Anjali Entertainment produced the film


Ramakrishnan is a tennis player. Leema Babu and Ramakrishnan fall in love with each other. Sandra Amy is the sister of Ramakrishnan. When Ramakrishnan introduces Leema to his sister, Sandra, she gets shocked. What is the reason for her shock? It is told in a flash back. Did Ramakrishnan and Leema unite or not? Watch the thriller in theaters.

Star Performances

The artists have done the roles, as directed by the director and nothing special to mention.


R Muthukumar, the director should have worked a lot with his script. The screenplay is very lengthy and the viewers lose their patience. Not even a single scene is impressive in this horror comedy thriller. The script is very old and doesn’t suit the contemporary cinema genres.

What’s There?

  • Songs are the only plus in the film

What’s Not There?

  • The movie didn’t give a film effect but a serial effect

  • The background sounds are very noisy and irritate the ears of the viewers

  • The film is very lengthy

  • Comedy of Singampuli is irritating

  • Cinematography is very poor at times and okayish at some sequences


Yendha Nerathilum is not a Must Watch movie. It didn’t have any impressive scenes and the script seems to be an outdated one. Yendha Nerathilum made the people say Nondha Nerathilum!