Plot Thoppi deals with a different genre It has Murali Ram as the hero and Raksha Raj as the heroine The film also has G M Kumar and Aruldas It is directe

Thoppi Movie Review

Thoppi Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Thoppi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 06-03-2015
Genre: Romance
2 / 5.0



Plot: Thoppi deals with a different genre. It has Murali Ram as the hero and Raksha Raj as the heroine. The film also has G. M. Kumar and Aruldas. It is directed by Yureka. The story is about a young man who is from a robber group wants to become a police. To become a police, he starts working as an informer. Who are all watches him and what are their efforts to put him down is the story of Thoppi. The story travels with the tribal people. The tribal people at Kurinjimedu live their lives by doing robbery as their full time business. Suruttu Samy is the leader for all these robbers and he is also the temple priest. So, the people are forced to obey him. Sithan belongs to the group of these tribal people; but he has an ambition to become a Police officer. He informs the police about the robbery and other acts. Hence, he becomes close to the local police. Kuzhanthaisamy is the local police inspector, who moves friendly with Sithan and gain information from him. Once Sithan was asked to find the film reel box by the Police, he finds out the Iridium that pulls rice. Despite providing information to the police, he supplies the information to the respective authorities, which brings anger to the Police and the corresponding minister who is in the crime. At the same time, he gets clash with the village priest Suruttu Samy and gets out. This was the fine opportunity expected by the police Kuzhanthaisamy and what will be the condition of Sithan is the rest of the story. There is a flashback story for Sithan and it is revealed, why he wants to become a cop.

The story is fine and the screenplay is also good. It could have been better, if the actors have performed well. The climax of the film is interesting. The twists and turns in the film are really good and it is well made by the director. The complex between the Police officers is also handled in this film naturally. Overall, it can be watched once for the different story and screenplay. The viewers can tour the tribal places of Kurinjikadu through the cinematography by Sukumar.