Plot Kamara Kattu is the story of two boys who were killed by the mother of their lady love Ravi and Ramesh are the two young school boys who fell in love w

Kamara Kattu Movie Review

Kamara Kattu Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Kamara Kattu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 46 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 28-02-2015
1.6 / 5.0

Plot: Kamara Kattu is the story of two boys who were killed by the mother of their lady love.

Ravi and Ramesh are the two young school boys, who fell in love with two girls, who were their classmates. Those two girls are sisters and their mother did not accept their love. Actually, the boys love these girls truly; but the girls don’t. When they complete their school and join in a college, they start to love rich boys. Their mother did not restrict them, as they are rich. When the boys come to know this, they were killed by the girls’ mother. The story begins to travel in a new track. The murdered boys turn into ghosts and try to haunt the girls and their family. These ghost boys are tortured by some ghost excavators.

There are many dialogues that describe the true love. But, the thing is at the age of 16 or 17, where comes the true love? They do not truly know about each other, the likes and dislikes, aims and wishes.

First of all, these kinds of stories should not be encouraged. Though it depicts the true love of two boys, they do not belong to the right age group. These kinds of films wrongly motivate the young kids; it misleads them and makes them to fall in a pit. The director Ramki Ramakrishnan could have tried this kind of story with the college students and not with the school kids.

Sreeram’s face is still like a kid, as we have seen him in Pasanga. Yuvan is also looking young and they both did not have that maturity to act like lovers; instead they could try this kind of roles, after 5 years. But, certain dialogues in this film are really nice. It tells about the soft nature of the true love.

Chetan, Bala Singh, Vasu Vikram, Manisha Jith and Raksha Raj are in the star cast of Kamara Kattu along with Sreeram and Yuvan.