Puli Malai Vettai is the dubbed version of The Taking Of Tiger Mountain a Chinese film that released in 2014 Tsui Hark directed the film Huang Jianxin Yu Do

Puli Malai Vettai Movie Review

Puli Malai Vetta Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Puli Malai Vetta"
Runtime: 2 Hours 22 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 04-11-2016
Genre: Action, Adventure
3.75 / 5.0

Puli Malai Vettai is the dubbed version of The Taking Of Tiger Mountain, a Chinese film that released in 2014. Tsui Hark directed the film. Huang Jianxin, Yu Dong and Shi Nansun produced the film on a large scale. The film is based on the novel Tracks In The Snowy Forest written by popular novelist Qu Bo. Zhang Hanyu, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Lin Gengxin, Yu Nan and Tong Liya are in the star cast.


Puli Malai Vettai is the film that deals with the conflict between China’s People’s Liberation Army and a gang of desperados. Yang Zirong and Shao Jianbo are the two heroes and their roles are portrayed by Zhan Hanyu and Lin Gengxin. Yang is a real-life character and Shao is a fictional role. After Japan bows down in the World War II, People’s Liberation Army is supposed to get back the area controlled by the bandits. Shao and thirty men were heading towards the place to defeat the bandits. They meet a boy in the village which is under the control of the bandits. He supports them after they rescued him from one of the desperados. When the community is free from the bandits, Shao and his team were about to leave the village. But, the villagers request them to stay there as they don’t know when they will be attacked by the bandits, again. Yang Zirong suggests going in search of the bandits, who were in a fort in the Tiger Mountain. This idea didn’t go well with Shao. But, he accepts it as Yang’s suggestion would be right.

Yang sets his journey to find the bandits with the help of the spy map. During his journey, he was suspected by the bandits. He had to pass several tests by them. One of the tests came in the form a woman named Ma Qinglian. She had been kidnapped by the bandit king and had been made his unwilling wife. Yang finds out that she is the mother of the boy, whom he met in the village. Did Yang tell her that her son is safe? Will she help Yang to destroy the bandits? Watch the film to know the rest of the story.

Star Performances

Almost all the stars played their character extremely well.  Especially Yu Nan did her part well as the affectionate mother and the unwilling wife to the bandit king. Tony, who played the antagonist Hawk, has expressed his villainy performance and gained the appreciation from the people.And not to miss Zhang Hanyu who does a great job. 


The film directed by Tsui Hark is a complete action entertainer with a few drops of sentiments. The cast selection is excellent and none has made a single mistake in their performance. A fight between Yang and Tiger makes the people slide to the seat’s edge.

What’s there?

  • Army people’s soft side is depicted well in the film, which creates a strong impression on them
  • VFX work is excellent in the film
  • Tiger Fight impresses the audiences
  • BGM is fantastic and it hypes the thrill

What’s not there?

The script doesnt provide enough fodder for the histrionics of Zhang, who is one of the best actors of China. 


Overall, the film is a watch worthy subject which has action, romance and emotions. If you love action films, then it would impress you!