Ram Gopal Verma 39 s Telugu film 39 Ice Cream 39 is dubbed into Tamil with the name 39 Chocobar 39 starring Navdeep and Tejaswani in leading roles

Chocobar Movie Review

Chocobar Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Chocobar"
Runtime: 1 Hour 44 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 26-08-2016
Genre: Horror
2 / 5.0



Ram Gopal Verma's Telugu film ' Ice Cream' is dubbed into Tamil with the name ' Chocobar,' starring Navdeep, and Tejaswani in leading roles.

Plot: The story starts where Vishal (Navdeep) drops his girlfriend Renu (Tejaswini) at her bungalow and leaves. Tejaswini is alone at her house as her parents are out somewhere. Soon after Vishal leaves, Renu hears some scary noises and feels the presence of a bad spirit in her house. She requests Vishal to come at her place as she is not feeling right there. At first, Vishal doesn't believe her but ultimately comes. Then both of them experience this evil spirit. Will they be able to survive? How is that ghost related to Tejaswini or that Bungalow? The rest of the plot answers these questions.

Analysis: Ram Gopal Verma has made this flick on a fatal incident that happened in Bengaluru about 4 years ago. As much was not known to the world what happened that day, writers had a tedious task to fill all the missing content. And like typical writers, they have repeated all those stale horror scenes to scare the audience. Only few horror scenes, especially climax, excites the viewer. Muthuraj has dubbed the dialogs into Tamil, and the translation is flawed. Cinematography, Editing, and Music are apt for the film but could have been much better if worked on. We can't comment on Ram Gopal Verma's direction as it won't make any difference in his upcoming flicks.

Star Performances: The casting of the movie is appreciable. No doubt, Tejaswini has bagged the major chunk of the screen than his male counterpart, Navdeep. But Navdeep also has given his best and made the most of the script offered to him. The flick is shot in a single room with a few supporting characters who fail to leave an impact on us. Tejaswini has outshined throughout the movie. If in not so horror scenes, she has portrayed a scary expression. She looks sizzling in her costumes as Ram Sir's other heroines.

What's there?

1. The leading pair has done an outstanding job, and their hard work makes this flick bearable.

2. Technical department like editing, screenplay, and cinematography also deserve a bow.

3. Background music by Pradyothan suits the horror genre.

What's not there?

 1. There are uncountable flaws in this movie. You may even feel unconnected in between the scenes.

2. The supporting actors like the plumber, maid, his son, etc. irritates you because you wonder why they are a part of this flick.

3. Scenes in the film are stale, and we have seen them in almost all horror flicks made till date. This venture lacks freshness.

4. Dubbing also is not a great one which further makes it a tedious task for the audience to sit in cinema halls.

Verdict: If you are used to Ram Gopal Verma's films and have a habit of bearing them, then go for the movie. Otherwise, you'll walk out of the theater with a pity face of wasting your money.