ldquo Taarakaasura rdquo is scripted and directed by Chandrashekar Bandiyappa The film has ldquo Vybhav rdquo Manvitha Harish Sadhu Kokila and Danny Sapa

Taarakaasura Movie Review

Taarakaasura Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Taarakaasura"
Runtime: 2 Hours 23 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 23-11-2018
Genre: Action, Drama
3 / 5.0



Taarakaasura” is scripted and directed by Chandrashekar Bandiyappa. The film has “Vybhav,” Manvitha Harish, Sadhu Kokila and Danny Sapani in the star cast.


Carbon, a youngster had been working in a garment factory. He had come from a village, hiding his past. Carbon’s father asked him to do a ritual to get an object named RP. If RP is given to Kalinga, he would be paying Carbon and his family a lump sum and their financial troubles would be solved. Did Carbon get RP? Did he give it to Kalinga? What is the specialty of RP? Watch the film in theaters!

Star Performance

Manvitha had done her role neatly. The debutant Vybhav had done his best. He has a good future in Sandalwood. Sadhu Kokila’s role is a regular comedian and as usual, he excelled in it. Danny had really threatened the viewers with his natural performance. His performance is the best among all the stars.


The director had mainly concentrated on revealing the cruel custom, Human Sacrifice. He had spoken about the Hallakki community, mainly. The film has certain ups and downs. In some scenes, it seems to be very dull and in some scenes it makes the audiences sit at the seat’s edge.  The narration is good, but if the length of the film had been cut by ten to fifteen minutes, it would have been better. Shiva Raj Kumar has crooned a song in this film and it is a special treat for his fans.

What’s There?

  • The script is neatly written
  • The stars had done justice to their roles
  • The director has brought out the customs followed by certain community

What’s Not There?

  • Certain scenes miss the tempo
  • The length should have been trimmed


If the screenplay is a little crisp, the film might have been little better. However, with the performances of the stats and the execution by the director, Taarakaasura is definitely, watch worthy!