Sojiga which is touted to be a complete action movie has released in the theaters today Now let rsquo s see how Sojiga turns out to be Plot A famous busin

Sojiga Movie Review

Sojiga Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Sojiga"
Runtime: 2 Hours 01 Minute
Certificate: U
Released: 09-12-2016
Genre: Action, Romance
1.5 / 5.0



Sojiga, which is touted to be a complete action movie, has released in the theaters today. Now let’s see how Sojiga turns out to be.


A famous businessman’s offspring comes back to India to have control of his father’s business. On his arrival, the businessman comes to know that his son didn’t pursue MBA as he desired. The son is asked to leave the house and there is trouble brewing in the form of a woman towards whom he is attracted. What happens further? Watch the movie Sojiga to know.

Star Performances

Vikranth Hegde debuts in this film as the male lead. He has done a convincing job but the movie could have been executed even better so that his acting prowess is reached in an even better manner. Akhila, the heroine, is quite ok in her role.


The movie, directed by Dinesh Kampli, was in the news for giving importance to martial arts.

What’s there?

The music of Sunaad Goutham works in parts.

What’s not there?

• The technical quality of Sojiga is not up to the mark.

• The screenplay could have been crisp.


The movie Sojiga could have been executed better.