Psycho Shankra has the star cast of Pranav nbsp Sharath nbsp Lohitashwa Vijay Chendoor and Yashas Surya The film is directed by Punith Arya Sridhar V Sambhr

Psycho Shankra Movie Review

Psycho Shankra Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Psycho Shankra"
Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 10-11-2017
Genre: Comedy
2.5 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • P Manjula
  • S Prabhakaran
  • Music Director:
  • Shridhar Kashyap
  • Editor:
  • NM Vishwa
  • Director:
  • Punith Arya
  • Lyricist:
  • Punith Arya
  • Mathews Manu
  • Director of Photography:
  • Stunt Director:
  • Ultimate Shivu
  • Background Music:
  • Screenplay Writer:
  • Punith Arya
  • Story Writer:
  • Punith Arya
  • _Supporting Actors:
  • Yashas Surya
  • Sharath Lohitashwa
  • Navarasan
  • Amrutha
  • Rishika Sharma
  • Vijay Chendur
  • Playback Singer:
  • Vyasa Raj
  • Mathews Manu
  • Shridhar Kashyap
  • Public Relations Officer:
  • Sudhindra Venkatesh
  • Colorist:
  • Kamal Goel

Psycho Shankra has the star cast of Pranav, Sharath Lohitashwa, Vijay Chendoor and Yashas Surya. The film is directed by Punith Arya. Sridhar V Sambhram composed the songs and Ravi Basrur composed the background score. Vishwa edited the film. Mysore Prabhakar and S Manjula produced the film. Earlier in 2014, the film was launched with the title Shankra with Naveen Krishna as the lead. Even before rolling on the floors, the film was dropped.


Psycho Shankra is the story of a real-life psycho killer Jai Shanker, who escaped from Parappana Agrahara Prison in Bangalore. He has a love life too. Jai Shanker is a convict in 30 rape cases and murders. While he was arrested and jailed in Parappana Agrahara Prison, he escaped from the jail by jumping over the 30 feet electric fence. After he escapes from the prison, the police were tracing him seriously and found him in a week time. The one-week happenings in locating the killer form the story of Psycho Shankra.

Star Performance

Pranav, the debutant actor, has shown his talent well. All the other stars including Sharath Lohitashwa, Yashas and Vijay Chendoor have brought out their best.


Psycho Shankra is scripted and directed by Punith. Before shooting this film, the director has gone through several tests, analysis and everything he needed for the story. Casting is good and the leads and the supporting stars fit in their roles perfectly. The technical values are good in Psycho Shankra. However, the narration has lost its focus while bringing in some specific details. Four subplots are involved in the story and the director seems to have found it hard to link all those.

What’s There?

  • The makers didn’t use violence much, even though the script has
  • New plot to Sandalwood
  • Performance by the stars are good

What’s Not There?

  • The subplots are given more importance than the main plot
  • Makeup and other aspects are not concentrated much  


Although it is a flick of a psycho killer, the film has got its own viewers. As it is a different plot, the film buffs are ready to watch the movie without any regrets.