Plot Mutthina Maleyali has a story as uncomplicated and predictable as it can be Ishanth is a journalist is on a mission to end the Naxalite trouble He takes

Mutthina Maleyali Movie Review

Mutthina Maleyali Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Mutthina Maleyali"
Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 27-03-2015
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0



Plot: Mutthina Maleyali has a story as uncomplicated and predictable as it can be. Ishanth is a journalist is on a mission to end the Naxalite trouble. He takes a lot of hazards as he tries to deal with the situation. He also frees a commissioner who was kidnapped by them. He also becomes the target of these Naxalites in the meantime, and they try to kill him which forms the background of the story. Also, there is another part in it. Ishanth falls for Ibbani at first sight and becomes friends with her. Just like one can expect, it turns out that Ibbani is already engaged to someone. However, as the story furthers, Ibbani too falls for him and then tries to convince her parents about her decision to marry Ishanth that is what the entire story deals. It is nothing more than a love triangle in the Naxal background.

Analysis: As the story indicates, it has nothing great to offer. The story is very predictable. Manju Sagar uses his imagination and skill very poorly. There is no endeavor from his side to make the film appealing. The film also lacks good narration. The execution should be better than what it is. The film has the Malnad background, but there is no scene of it. Most of the shots are either close-up or indoors. Harikrishna and Malur Srinivas are involved with the cinematography. They completely ignore the picturesque background. It makes the film boring and dull.

The dialogues are also not attractive. In such a state, the film just seems to drag. Viewers lose interest. The makers fail to keep viewers engaged in the plot. Mostly, they fail to make a good use of the story and nature. The music is by AT Raveesh and does the film no good. Overall, it is slow and drags. There is nothing that is appealing in the movie.

Star Performances: Manju Sagar’s performance as the lead Ishanth is satisfactory. He portrays the fight scenes pretty well. His performance is still better than his previous films. However, his lack of adequate skill is clearly visible. Ramanithu Chaudhary as Ibbani too does her part pretty well. Though she does not fit her character, she still makes honest attempts to suit it. Jeevan who plays Sagar, the boy whom Ibbani is engaged to, is terrible on his part. Neither does he suit the role nor does he make an attempt to be a part of it.

On the other hand, Muni who plays the leader of the Naxal group is remarkable as the villain in the film. The artists are also weak at dialogue delivery. Overall, the film stars actors with poor skills.

What’s there? The film does not have anything worth watching. One can still say that the story being simple makes the film pretty fine for a watch.

What’s not there? Muthina Maleyali lacks almost all the things that viewers look for in a good movie. The execution is poor; nature could be used better. It seems to drag at parts. Apart from that, no effort is made to there to make the film appealing.

Verdict: The film does not have anything significant and fascinating to offer. However, it is still all right for a one-time watch if the story pleases you. Otherwise, there is no harm if you wish to give it a miss.