Plot Vashu is a little boy who finds himself extremely lonely and out of place He finds his recluse in Lord Ganesh who he befriends and advance on a trip of

My Friend Ganesha 2 Movie Review

My Friend Ganesha 2 English Movie Review
Review for the film " My Friend Ganesha 2"
Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 22-08-2008
Genre: Family
2 / 5.0




Vashu is a little boy who finds himself extremely lonely and out of place. He finds his recluse in Lord Ganesh, who he befriends and advance on a trip of various adventures and fun.
Analysis: This is a film that is directed by Rajiv Ruia and aims mostly for the young audiences of India. It is a mix of animation and real-time production. A film that is suitable for children and their family is based on Ganesha and the perspective that it hold in the modern time situation. There are adventures that a boy goes through with the adorable deity that is a sequel to the franchise of My Friend Ganesha.

Star Performances

Every actor in the movie can only be mentioned here to have acted excessively loud in the film. There is a whole lot of overacting that you can expect from every actor. Special mention would be to the on screen Gangu Tai who reaches to unknown decibels making it severely annoying.

What you may like

●    The only thing that may look like an attraction is the animation that the movie has and the adorable picturization of Lord Ganesha.
●    The To bring Lord Ganesha as a regular person in an urbanized world is different and cute to watch.

What you may dislike:

●    Everyone in the film has shown their worst of acting skills. They have not taken the movie any seriously and have rendered the movie to have become extremely stupid and an illogical.
●    The script defies all sorts of logic, and it is ridiculous how the movie is excruciatingly painful to watch.
●    Even though the movie is for tiny toddlers, it is weird and stupid even for them. So the level of annoyance this movie has been very high.


Even if you take your toddler to the movie, you won't be guaranteed of having a good time for your kid too. So, you can think of missing it.