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Lomad is a Hindi crime, thriller, and drama film released in 2023. Hemwant Tiwari is the film s director and producer. Saineesh Tripathi composed the music, and

Lomad Movie Review

Lomad Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Written by Rahul Kapoor
Review for the film " Lomad"
Runtime: 1 hour 39 minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 04-08-2023
Genre: Thriller, Crime, Drama
3 / 5.0



Lomad is a Hindi crime, thriller, and drama film released in 2023. Hemwant Tiwari Hemwant Tiwari is a director, born in Bihar and ra >> Read More... Hemwant Tiwari is the film’s director and producer. Saineesh Tripathi composed the music, and Anil Ray edited the film. The cinematography is by Supratim Bhol Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Supratim Bhol , and the art direction is by Ritika Nigam.

Hemwant Tiwari and Auroshikha Dey It has been a long way from remote Tezpur in Assam >> Read More... Auroshikha Dey are the leading cast. Parimal Aloke Parimal Aloke is a director, actor, and producer. >> Read More... Parimal Aloke , Tirrtha Murbaadkar, Mohit Kulshrestha Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Mohit Kulshrestha , Shilpa Sabhlok, Navneet Sharma Navneet Sharma is an Actor. Navneet did a diploma >> Read More... Navneet Sharma , and Mohit Kulshrestha play supporting roles.


The film is about Abhinav (Hemwant Tiwari) and Riya ( Auroshika Dey Auroshikha is an Indian Actress whose way of think >> Read More... Auroshika Dey ). They were in a relationship during school time and loved each other very much. However, as time passed, they stopped talking and parted ways. They get married and completely lose touch with each other.

After a decade, Abhinav and Riya reconnect through social media. They decide to meet each other and resolve their differences. They meet and travel through a barren forest. However, their car stops working, and things take an unexpected turn. A series of unfortunate incidents hinder their plan.

What are these incidents? Will they be able to get rid of these incidents?

Star Performance

Hemwant Tiwari gave a fantastic and realistic performance. He makes the film engaging by portraying himself as a loyal father, a loving husband, and a kind-hearted man. He is the strength of this film. The scene in which he tries to help a man by putting himself in danger is heart-touching.

Auroshika Dey delivers a strong performance and spreads her charm throughout the film. She looks beautiful on screen. She tried her best to make the film impressive.

Parimal Aloke adds a touch of evilness to this film. His evil act makes the film interesting. Tirrtha Murbaadkar, who plays the short role of Abhinav’s wife, looks decent on the screen.


The film’s story is unique and gripping. The unexpected turns in the second half are the most interesting parts of this film. It is the first black-and-white film shot in a single take continuously for 97 minutes. With the title Lomad, the director wants to demonstrate that peaceful persons also have a lomad (fox) hidden inside who comes out when disturbed. 

Cinematographer Supratim Bhol deserves a lot of appreciation for beautifully capturing the transition from present to future time. The lead cast delivered a brilliant performance. The scene in which Hemwant Tiwari does not harm a dishonest and arrogant police officer (Parimal Aloke) who spoiled his life touches the viewers. Another scene in which Hemwant puts his life at risk in order to help a man is also impressive.

However, there are certain flaws. The film is slow-paced, and some scenes appear to be over-stretched. The editing is also weak.

What’s There?

• The film’s story is unique.

• Unexpected turns in the second half.

• Romance and emotional elements.

• Heart-touching scenes.

• Crime and thriller elements.

• Excellent performance by the lead cast.

• Neat cinematography.

• Single shot film.

• Good music.

What’s Not There?

• Slow-paced.

• Some scenes are over-stretched.

• Weak editing.

• Weak screenplay.

• Minor technical glitches.


Despite a low budget, the filmmaker develops a gloomy and engaging story. Overall, Lomad is an impressive and must-watch film. People who like festival films will surely love Lomad. You should definitely try this film.