If you have read the rear side synopsis of any of those typical glossy foreign pocket books, you may have very well come across the theme of Inkaar . Like thos

Inkaar-a positive nod for attempting taboo topics! Movie Review

Inkaar Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Inkaar"
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Runtime: 2 Hours 13 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 18-01-2013
3 / 5.0

If you have read the rear side synopsis of any of those typical glossy foreign pocket books, you may have very well come across the theme of “ Inkaar Click to look into! >> Read More... Inkaar ”. Like those glossies, it is replete with incidents of individual jealousies and ambitions in the corporate world and the games people play to settle their rivalries.

Of course, this film has been touted in some publicity forums that it deals with sexual harassment in the workplace. However, even if that be so, the treatment is not handled in a negative way and hence, is not per se a commentary on this workplace hazard. Rather it deals with relationship problems in the backdrop of such incidental workplace issues. 

The central protagonists include Arjun Rampal Amit Rampal is an Indian Actor, Host, Producer and >> Read More... Arjun Rampal , playing Rahul, the ad agency boss, portrayed convincingly in his suave manner; and Chitrangada Singh With her stunning good looks it was not surprising >> Read More... Chitrangada Singh in the character of Maya proving to be his counterfoil, as an aggressive and ambitious understudy hoping to displace her mentor.

As the plot goes, Maya ends up in the same ad agency where Rahul is the CEO after he bumps into her at an advertising meet, convinces her to join his agency with promises of rapid growth in her career. He mentors her through the sharp bends and corners of an ad agency, making her attain her full promised potential. Managing to get a break at the New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York office of the company’s US associate, Maya’s career ambitions hit a new high. Having acquired two high-profile accounts from Rahul, she seems poised to grab the seat at the top, posing a direct challenge to him.

Although the two had been emotionally close, career rivalries soon cloud that, and Rahul’s possessiveness is soon perceived as sexual harassment arising out of workplace hierarchies. However, Sudhir Mishra Sudhir Mishra is a Bollywood director and screenwr >> Read More... Sudhir Mishra may have called quits to sermonizing on the ills of sexual harassment at workplace, and ultimately turns the events such that the two protagonists rediscover their love for each other, breaking through the haze of perceived rivalries and harassment that was tearing them apart.

While Sudhir Mishra’s storytelling skills is evident in most parts, what stands out more is the skilled acting of the two protagonists. However, Arjun Rampal could have handled the emotional parts more sensitively, and on par with the suavity displayed in his corporate boss part, and Chitrangada Singh although looking sharp and smart could have emoted a bit more in the interactive scenes.

Amongst others, although, in a brief role, Vipin Sharma Vipin Sharma was born in New Delhi. He is an actor >> Read More... Vipin Sharma steals attention as the wise guy in the probe committee, who is assigned to investigate the allegations of harassment. The setting for most of the film has been sensibly chosen as one of the leading global ad agencies, adding authentic ambience for the movie. What enhances the movie’s slick movement are also the exceptional editing skills of Archit Rastogi while Shantanu Moitra’s score complements the film’s mode without distracting the notice for itself. All in all, “Inkaar” is a watchable film. Its theme configuration defects apart, the handling of corporate conflicts and rivalries are well portrayed and would be appreciated by those who work in the same ambience.