There have been a few very well known foreign spy thriller movies about the real-life manhunt for wanted hijackers terrorists This includes the Israeli opera

D-Day Movie Review

D-Day Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " D-Day"
Runtime: 2 Hours 34 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 19-07-2013
Genre: Action, Drama
3.6 / 5.0

There have been a few very well known foreign spy thriller movies about the real-life manhunt for wanted hijackers / terrorists. This includes the Israeli operation at Entebbe Airport for freeing hostages, so brilliantly captured in the film “Operation Thunderbolt” and more recently the hunt for Osama Bin Laden in “ Zero Dark Thirty”. “D-Day” charts a new course amongst Hindi films, dealing with the exploits of the Indian spy team in their attempt to bring back its best known criminal fugitive from the neighbouring country.

Plot: As the plot goes, the mission to get India’s most wanted man back to the country actually started 9 years back by the posting of Agent Wali Khan (played by Irrfan Khan), close to key target Goldman’s house in Karachi, and working there as a barber. The role of this most wanted man is played by Rishi Kapoor. One morning finding Goldman distributing wedding cards for his son’s wedding, breaking the ISI protocol guarding him, Wali immediately informs the Chief of Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Ashwini Rao (enacted by Nassar).

Ashwini swings into action promptly and forms a team comprising Ex-Indian Navy's Marine Commando and undercover agent, Captain Rudra Pratap Singh (the character done by Arjun Rampal); R.A.W.'s explosives expert, Zoya Rehman (by Huma Qureshi); and Aslam (portrayed by Aakash Dahiya), a convict who was being given a chance of freedom by serving in the mission. On the appointed day, Wali comes home after seeing off his wife and son for their flight to London, and then mocks up his family's death at home to ensure that the ISI cannot harm them so that he can re unite with them after the mission.

However, things start getting screwed up after Wali’s family’s flight gets cancelled and after questioning Wali’s family, the ISI realises that this may be a mission to get Goldman. As Goldman gets cautioned by the ISI, the plan fails and Goldman escapes unscathed, forcing the four agents to go into hiding. Worse still, the Indian government disowns the operation, and Ashwini is forced to resign. However, he continues to extend his support to the quartet and they continue gamely, to the extent that the Pakistani side feels Goldman is a liability and want to get rid of him. The quartet foils this plan and is finally able to get him to this side of the border when Goldman taunts them by saying how nothing has changed in India. The ultimate turn of events and Goldman’s fate is only revealed in the final scene.

If one were to select the best performance it would be that of Rishi Kapoor as the much-feared don, exhibiting once again his range and versatility. Irrfan Khan, of course, gets a meaty character and leaves his masterly imprint in quite a few sequences, including the climax. Arjun Rampal’s character seems to have suited him a lot and he does a very decent job of the same, and even his detractors may appreciate his performance. Even the ladies Huma Qureshi, Shruti Haasan and not the least – Sriswara, have all come up with surprisingly good portrayals. The demanding plot and the tight situations, besides the recreated environment of Karachi, sets apart this spy thriller from the stereotyped gangster films, but the best part is the finale that really should draw the maximum appreciation.

Verdict: A gripping spy thriller on a subject close to everyone’s heart, and is sure to appeal to a wide section of the audience.