Ajab Gazzab Love is a resemblance of a rich-poor fall in love and then complications begin thus making the story more interesting This movie has Jacky Bhagnan

Ajab Gazabb Love Movie Review

Ajab Gazabb Love Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Ajab Gazabb Love"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 24-10-2012
Genre: Comedy
2 / 5.0

Ajab Gazzab Love is a resemblance of a rich-poor fall in love and then complications begin, thus making the story more interesting. This movie has Jacky Bhagnani and Nidhi Subaiah in leading roles.


Rajveer Grewal(Jacky Bhagnani) is a rich brat who parties on his father’s money. Life is going well for Rajveer but all changes when he stumbles upon Madhuri(Nidhi Subaiah) and loses it.

He tries at winning her heart that he eventually does but one thing that comes up as a problem. She hates rich people and since he comes from a well-off family that is a trouble. To win her, He presents himself as a humble chap who has limited means. He also ropes in his family to play along with him.

Though his family agrees and all goes on well, but Madhuri’s brother( Arjun Rampal) arrives and is in doubt regarding the humble background, what ensues is a series of confusion and comedy that spirals down to the truth.


Jacky Bhagnani disappoints once again in this movie, although he has that superstar vibes but still he cannot pull those off in this movie. Nidhi looks cute as a middle-class girl who has a loathing attitude towards the rich. The family of our hero too over sometimes reacts making the movie dull and a nuisance.

Arjun Rampal acts maturely but still he does not suffice for this movie. The concept of the movie though was nice which could have been shaped in a better way, songs are nice and probably these only would make you want to watch a little more.


Though this movie has no performances to quote as nice, still Jacky Bhagnani manages a decent performance along with the senior star cast of this movie who perform their acts according to the script and stay with it till the end of the movie.


1. Lukewarm comedy and intensity in few scenes that might make you laugh out loud.

2. Editing of the movie is okay and screenplay too somewhat satisfactory.

3. The concept of the movie that attracts the attention of a movie buff to it.


1. Predictable scenes are prevalent everywhere in the film.

2. The screenplay does not satisfy that much.

3. Richness in content of the story is missing out.


Ajab Gazzab Love has nothing so fantastic in it, you can easily avoid it but if you are being bored and have not got the ace movies of such genre, then probably you might want to watch this.