Intro The flick is a real life story of the boxer Micky Ward of how he fights not only the boxers but the situations and much more Plot Micky Mark Wahlberg

The Fighter Movie Review

The Fighter Movie Review English
Review for the film " The Fighter"
Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 10-12-2010
Genre: Biography, Drama
3.5 / 5.0



Intro: The flick is a real life story of the boxer Micky Ward of how he fights not only the boxers but the situations and much more.

Plot: Micky ( Mark Wahlberg) and Dicky ( Christian Bale) are half-brothers and always on each other side. They love their mother ( Melissa Leo) and believe in their family. Dicky was a boxer known for knockout of Sugar Ray Leonard and then ruining his career to drugs. HBO is making a documentary on his downfall due to drugs which he believes to be on his comeback. Micky sees up to his brother for everything. He coaches him, guides him and loves him and all. But Dicky is an irresponsible prick letting his brother down by making him fight with an amateur boxer and not being punctual in training. Micky is disheartened and meets Charlene (Amy) who encourages and supports him to take up professional training. Dicky gets arrested in trying to make money for his brother and during his tenure, the movie is released showing his decline. Micky finally trains and keeps climbing the ladder. In an important fight, he wins using Dicky’s advice giving him a chance at World Title. Dicky comes back, and commotion occurs on training Micky. Finally, Dicky and Charlene and all makeup and support Micky and see him the World Title.

Review: A masterpiece by Russell and truly justified by the performances of Mark, Bale, Amy, Melissa, etc. Mark and Bale come together after Three Kings, and I Heart Huckleberry and shoulder each other’s art. Bale as the lanky, drug addicted living on his one knock down and true love for family. Mark is impassive and keeps the aura calm. He meticulously plays his part showing compassion for his family respect for his brother and true love for Charlene. Melissa lives her character tremendously. The Cinematography is good by Hoytema and movie commences when two brothers are moving on the street with the camera behind them. The movie displays the fight Micky goes through. He has to go against his family because he knows they are bringing him down. He wants people to be with him and not against each other. He wants his mother to make this about him. Every character is fighting for Micky mostly because they have not done much for themselves, they are fighting through Micky. Dicky tells him to take all he has been going through and all he has been fighting for and fighting against in the fight.

Verdict: A must watch movie with a brilliant screenplay and inspiring performances with a big heart.