Top 10 Winners Of Marathi Filmfare Awards

Top 10 Winners Of Marathi Filmfare Awards Marathi Article

The Marathi Filmfare Awards are among India's most prestigious film awards. They are presented annually by the Marathi Cinema Journalists Association. This award ceremony began in 1958 and is typically given in the year's starting months. The award has about 30 different categories. Celebrities all from Maharashtra and out of Maharashtra are eligible to win. So let's check the top 10 winners list of the recent Marathi Filmfare award in 2021 in Mumbai.

1. Best Film - Karkhanisanchi Waari

The Karkhanisanchi Waari, which means 'Ashes On A Road Trip,' and the director of the movie, Mangesh Joshi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Mangesh Joshi , took the award for Best Film. This film has been lauded as a stark depiction of people's perspectives on family challenges. To fulfill the last wish of the eldest brother of the family to demolish ashes over different places in the country, Karkhanisanchi Waari is also innovative as an art form with its use of sound design and exceptional cinematography.


2. Critics Award For Best Film - The Disciple

The movie The Disciple by Chaitanya Tamhane Born on 1 March 1987 in Mumbai (Maharashtra). Grad >> Read More... Chaitanya Tamhane has won the Critics Award For Best Film in the 2021 Filmfare awards. The award is based explicitly on the review that a movie or movie director gets after analyzing each point of it with more perception by the reviewers or the critics. This movie, The Disciple, received one of the finest comets by them for setting the way to get the crickets award.

3. Best Actor- Leading Role (Male) - Ankush Chaudhari

Since his 1st appearance on the scene with his lead role in 1995's blockbuster film "Suna Yeti Ghara," Ankush Chaudhari has been one of India's fastest-rising stars. Chaudhari owes much of his success to the power of his hard work and dedication. And so for his fantastic acting in the movie named Dhurala by , he received the Best Actor award in the Leading Role category.


4. Best Actor In A Leading Role (Female) - Neha Pendse Neha Pendse is an Indian TV actress who was born o >> Read More... Neha Pendse

One of the famous actresses in the Marathi film industry is Neha Pendse, the reigning queen of comedy and acting who has taken over fans' hearts with her funny antics. From playing her iconic character of " Neha Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Neha " in the movie June (2021), she received this award.


5. Best Music Album - Amitraj Amitraj is a Marathi music director, composer, and >> Read More... Amitraj

"Amitraj" is a legendary Indian singer who was among the list of successful singers of the 2010s, mainly in Marathi songs. He's still active and has over 25 songs under his belt. Amitraj's list of best music albums, according to which he has won the IMFFA award by the discographic industry in India.


6. Best Story - Achyut Narayana (Vegali Vaat)

"Vegali Vaat" won the award for the best storyline in the movie. Its idealistic and table-turning story showcases the idea of a girl's education. The director of the movie is Achyut Narayana. And another good thing about the film is the lead role is played by a newbie to the film industry Anaya Phatak as Sonu.


7. Best Editing - Abhijit Deshpande And Sourabh Prabhudesai Saurabh Prabhudesai is a Mumbai Based Video Editor >> Read More... Sourabh Prabhudesai

Abhijit Deshpande And Sourabh Prabhudesai did the award for the best editing made in the film. They had a significant effect on the movie Bali which Vishal Furia Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Vishal Furia directed. The perfect combination of Continuity Errors and cross-cutting made by them in the movie was more attached to the storyline made by the director.


8. Best Screenplay - Chaitanya Tamhane (The Disciple)

The perfect combination of all of the dialogue, camera shots, and action made to create the best version of the movie. Chaitanya Tamhane, director of the film, significantly affected the movie plot arc, made from the three-act structure. It made Chaitanya Tamhane made the award for the best screenplay of the movie.


9. Best Dialogue - Irawati Karnik Irawati Karnik is an Indian screenplay writer and >> Read More... Irawati Karnik

Irawati Karnik received the Marathi Filmfare award for best dialogue created in the movie. She has been part of the movie called Jhimma. The director of the film Jhimma is Hemant Dhome Hemant Dhome is an Indian actor, director, and scr >> Read More... Hemant Dhome .

10. Best Cinematography - Michal Sobocinski

Michal Sobocinski is a Cinematographer from Poland. But he had done the Cinematography for the movie The Disciple. Michal was in contact with the director of the film Chaitanya Tamhane. It was his 1st Indian movie, and he had a great experience being part of this movie.