Top Ten Reasons Why C.I.D. Still Rocks

Top Ten Reasons Why C.I.D. Still Rocks Hindi Article

Crime Investigation Department (CID) first aired on 29th April 1997. The series started from 21st January 1998. It has completed 18 years and is still going on successfully. It has created a record of the longest running series of Indian television.
Let’s discuss the reasons it is still going on:
1. The famous hand-action of A.C.P. Pradyuman ( Shivaji Satam Shivaji Satam is a famous Hindi and Marathi film >> Read More... Shivaji Satam ), that comes in practice whenever he starts to deduce conclusions.
2. The rivalry between D.C.P. Chitrole and A.C.P. Pradyuman, which creates the humor. These two never leave a chance to insult one another.
3. The bravery of ACP to shoot his son Nakul. His son had committed crime, and the case came to CID. When Nakul, his son tried to run away, ACP shot him, irrespective of his relation to him.
4. Freddy provides comedy. This permanent member of CID provides humor even in the gravest of the situations. He believes in superstitions more than science. He has a million dollar expression.
5. Darvaza-tod Daya ( Dayanand Shetty Dayanand Chandrashekhar Shetty is an Indian model, >> Read More... Dayanand Shetty ), who is ever ready to break any door in the case of need. No door can stop him from entering.
6. Memory loss case Abhijeet (Aditya Shrivastava) who has turned a CID officer from a goon. The biggest irony of CID is the presence of a senior officer, who occasionally faces short-term memory loss, and was once a part of the underworld.
7. The girls take a major role. This is a modern look of the Indian TV, where not only the officers are female, but the doctor is also female.
8. The forensic doctors, since the beginning, have been explaining the science behind the murders. It is a trend since the ages when science and explanations of death were not so common.
9. The cute flirt of forensic doctor Tarika and Abhijeet. This officer leaves no chance to flirt with doctor Tarika. Their sweet flirtatious talks are an addition to the genius behind the cases being solved.
10. On screen and off screen bonding of the actors tells how well they go on together and how wonderful their chemistry is.