Top Ten Most Fictitious Daily Soaps

Top Ten Most Fictitious Daily Soaps Hindi Article

1. Sasural Simar Kaa
This show stars 'Dipika Kakkar’ as the lead actress Simar. The soap opera relies on the most prevalent 'all sacrifice’ theory of Hindi TV Shows where Simar plays the role of the most sacrificing person. She fights with many vixens to safeguard her family. Also, she takes rebirth in the form of a fly.
This show depicts the story of two Ichadari Nagins. Shivanya (the lead NAGIN) has the objective to take revenge of her parents’ death. She marries a human 'Hrithik’, who is the son of her parents' murderer.Then Shivanya and Shesha(the other NAGIN) both fall in love with Hrithik.
It depicts the story of a Punjabi girl 'Pragya Mehra’ who struggles through many adverse situations to save her married life. Also, she fights with many antagonists around her sometimes by changing her looks, her attitude and much more..  
4. Ye Hai Mohabbatein
This soap opera is a multi-mixture of divorce, infertility, remarriage and mature love. Also, it contains a ghost track. Ishita (the lead actress) thinks that she is responsible for Shagun's death. Thereby her body is possessed by Shagun.    
Here the story is of a woman 'Sandhya’ who is married to an illiterate sweets shop owner ‘ Suraj Suraj (also spelled as Suraaj) is an Indian Direct >> Read More... Suraj ’. Sandhya breaks all the societal boundaries by clearing civils examination and becoming a successful IPS officer. Everyone opposes her in her inlaws house then too she manages to have time for studies together with household chores.
This is one of the longest TV shows, currently aired on Star Plus. The fiction has heights as it depicts an illiterate and highly innocent woman 'Gopi’ who is married to a millionaire 'Ahem’. Somehow she manages to settle a happy married life with him then Ahem dies, and she is again made to face adverse circumstances.
7. ''
This show has two rich and big families who do not have any real problems. The lead couple of the show 'Akshara and Naitik’ love  each other. In order to run the show these families create silly problems for themselves and the serial is all about solving them.
8. ''
The soap opera deals with the life of 'Tulsi’ who is an extraordinarily intelligent, helpful woman who has all the characteristics of the Indian Goddesses. While she is an ideal woman on one side, on the other side, there are doubts that she might have killed her own son and few others.
This show deals with the life of two very different girls who are from different family backgrounds. They get stuck in the love triangle and become enemies. Somehow they can manage through it; later their daughters again get trapped into the love triangle, and the fiction goes on year by year.
This show became the lead on NDTV Imagine years back. It was a reality show in which a lady performs some psychological techniques and takes people back to their past lives where they can make out who they were in their previous birth.