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Urdu Poet Daagh Dehlvi
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Daagh Delvi was an Urdu poet of Indian origin. He belonged to Delhi - then under the reign of the Mughals. He was born on May 25 in the year 1831. He wrote under his pen name Daagh Delhvi. His actual name was Nawab Mirza Khan. Daagh Dehlvi was born to Nawab Shamsuddin Ahmed Khan and Wazir Khanum who was the daughter of a Delhi jeweler in in Kucha Ustad Dagh, Chandni Chowk in Delhi. Sadly, his father was hanged on charges of conspiracy in the murder of William Fraser when he was just four years old. However, his mother remarried the Mughal crown prince, Mirza Muhammad Fakhroo, and this led to Nawab Mirza receiving a privileged education at the Delhi Red Fort. There, he had the opportunity to study under the tutelage of renowned poet Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq and even received advice from Ghalib on Urdu literature and poetry.

In addition to this, he was trained in calligraphy and horse riding. He belonged to the Dabistan-e-Dehli school of thought and was known for his romantic poetry, specifically the ghazal. His style was simple and was well received by both the common man and the elite, unlike the elitist style adopted by most poets of his time. After his step father’s death in 1856, Mirza and his mother left Delhi and went to the Rampur State where they found refuge under the Nawab of Rampur, Yusuf Ali Khan Ali Khan was a renowned actor of Hindi Cinema. He >> Read More... Bahadur. There, he entered government service and lived well for 24 years. In 1888, he spent several months in Hyderabad, but he left after not receiving an invitation to the court of Mahbub Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VI.

However, he was eventually invited and appointed as the court poet and mentor to the Sixth Nizam Mahbub Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VI in 1891 when he was 60 years old. Although his poetry often alluded to wine, Nawab Mirza himself did not drink it and avoided it altogether. His ghazals have been immortalized in popular renditions by legendary artists such as Ghulam Ali Ustad Ghulam Ali was born on December 5, 1940, in >> Read More... , Noor Jahan Noor Jahan is a famous Pakistani Urdu television d >> Read More... , Iqbal Bano Iqbal Bano is a famous scriptwriter of dramas who >> Read More... , Jagjit Singh Jagjit Singh is ‘Ghazal King’ in Indian music. His >> Read More... , Abida Parveen Abida Parveen is a graceful Pakistani Singer born >> Read More... , Pankaj Udhas The King of Ghazals, Pankaj Udhas was born on 17th >> Read More... , and Farida Khanum Farida Khanum was born in 1929 in Kolkata and is c >> Read More... . His written work comprises four volumes, including 16,000 couplets and a masnavi, with the last two volumes being written in Hyderabad. The volumes are titled Mahtab-e-Daagh (1893), Masnavi Fariyad-e-Daagh (1882), Gulzar-e-Daagh (1878), Aftab-e-Daagh (1885), and Yaadgar-e-Daagh (posthumous, 1905). Additionally, he authored Intikhab-e-Kalam Daagh (edited by Moinuddin Aqeel) and Diwan e Daagh.

He passed away in 1905 at the age of 74 in Hyderabad Deccan, following a paralytic stroke. He was laid to rest at Dargah Yousufain in Hyderabad. Dehlvi's legacy as a poet and teacher of poetry is notable, as his students included such renowned names as Allama Iqbal, Ahasan Marharavi, Seemab Akbarabadi Aashiq Hussian Siddiqui, famously known as Seemab >> Read More... , Jigar Moradabadi, and Hassan Raza Khan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . He was often asked to nominate a successor to his position as the leading Urdu poet of his era, and he humorously suggested "the two Bekhuds," Bekhud Badayuni and Bekhud Dehlvi.


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