Nayyar Sultana

Other names of Nayyar Sultana: Malka-i-Jazbaat (Queen of Sentiments), Nayyar Sultana (born Tayyaba Bano
Nayyar Sultana Urdu Actress
  • DOB : 1937
  • Date of death: 27-10-1992

Nayyar Sultana is a famous Pakistani movie actress. She was also known as Malka-i-Jazbaat. She was born in 1937 in Aligarh, British India. She had completed her education at Women’s College in Aligarh. In 1947, after the partition, she, along with her family, moved to Karachi. Nayyar’s husband, Darpan, was also a romantic hero in Pakistan. Nayyar has two brothers, her elder brother, Santosh Kumar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Santosh Kumar , was also an actor, and her other brother, S. Sulaiman, was a movie director. Nayyar started her journey of being an actress in 1955. She played the role of a supporting actress in Anwar Kamal Pasha’s film, “Qatil.” She got the part of a lead actress in Humayon Mirza’s film, Intikhab. Her roles in the movies like “Saat Lakh,” “ Baaji Baaji is a Marathi historical TV serial that aired >> Read More... Baaji ,” “Bombay Wala,” “Aik Thi Maa,” and “ Saheli Story Coming Soon >> Read More... Saheli ” were highlighted. Nayyar had taken a break from the industry after her marriage.

She made a comeback in 1968. Her film “Hasseena,” “Meri Bhabhi,” “Hamjoli,” and “Azmat” did not get much success. She was known as the ‘ Queen of Emotions,’ and has done about 225 films in the 37 years of her career. She had done performing character roles in “Abhi to Main Jawan Hoon” in her brother, S. Sulaiman’s film. She had also done work with Hassan Tariq in the movies, “Marzi Haal Mustaqbil” and “Seeta Maryam.” Probably these were the last few roles she did.

In 1981, her husband, Durpan, died, and Nayyar had to take care of his recruiting agency. Though Nayyar did not stop her acting profession, and she used to do movies as well. Her last movie was “Sarkata Insaan” in 1994, which was released after the death of Nayyar. Nayyar had also received awards for her acting. She was rewarded with Nigar Awards as the Best Supporting Actress for the film “Saat Lakh” in 1957 and the film “Behisht” in 1974. She received the Best Actress Award for the movies “Saheli,” and “Aulad.” Nayyar Sultani died due to cancer on the 27th of October 1992 in Karachi, Pakistan. She had two sons, Qaisar and Ali.