Neelo Urdu Actress
  • DOB : 30-06-1941
  • Date of death: 30-01-2021
  • Star Sign : Cancer

Neelo, a Pakistani veteran cinema actress, was born on June 30, 1941. In 1956, she made her cinematic debut in Bhowani Junction, a Hollywood feature. She appeared in over 134 Pakistani films, including Urdu and Punjabi language films. She won multiple prizes, including the Nigar Awards, for her performance in the film Saat Lakh's song "Aaye Mausam Rangilay Suhanay" and her starring role in Zarqa. In 1965, she married Riaz Shahid, a Pakistani filmmaker. Shaan Shahid Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Armaghan Shahid is popul >> Read More... Shaan Shahid , a film actor, is her son. She was called by Nawab Malik Amir Mohammad Khan, then Governor of West Pakistan, in 1965, at the height of her success, to dance on stage for the Shah of Iran on his official visit to Pakistan, but she declined for personal reasons.

Neelo was harassed and intimidated as a result of her refusal to heed government commands. On her way to the Governor's mansion, she was allegedly gang assaulted and attempted suicide, but was instead transported to a hospital, where physicians saved her life. Riaz Shahid produced and directed the film Zarqa (1969), as well as wrote the screenplay. Neelo assisted her husband, Riaz Shahid, in producing this picture, which became her most well-known. She died of blood cancer in Lahore on January 30, 2021.