Vj Madhulatha Reddy Telugu Actress

Madhulatha Reddy is an Indian television anchor, who leads television channels and shows. She is one of the best anchors in the industry and has shared the screen with many celebrities. She has also done various short films, some of which have been a great success.

Her real dream was to pursue a career in music or filmmaking, but she somehow ended up getting into the entertainment industry. She also took a keen interest in Carnatic music and learned it for some years and then she also took part in shows like Padalani Undhi.

She also loves classical music and tries to give it as much time as she can during the week. She also worked as an assistant to Puri Jagannadh Puri Jagannadh wears many feathers to his cap incl >> Read More... Puri Jagannadh and Kona Venkat Kona Venkat is a prominent Indian screenwriter, di >> Read More... Kona Venkat for a couple of films. After a while, she gave auditions for a music channel and that’s how she turned into a video jockey and is one of the popular anchors of south Indian music industry in recent times.

Even though she dreamt of becoming a filmmaker, her friends and other people suggested her to take up acting and become an actress as that fits her the most. She acted in some short films like Thokkalo Love Story, Sainma, Oppandham, and they were all a success and became popular very soon. After her short film Sainma, she got the confidence and she realized she could act very well also after sainma was released, she got a lot of offers and calls from the film industry and people who appreciated her work.

Madhulatha also worked with Gemini TV. It was through her friend that she got to know about the audition and she attended it and got selected. She also got a lot of singing offers, but she first wanted to do some movies and become famous and then sing for herself.

She also admires and is a die-hard fan of Pawan Kalyan Pawan needs no introduction to South Indian people >> Read More... Pawan Kalyan . After a while, she was also offered various roles in different movies and eventually became very popular. She didn’t receive initial support from her family but as time passed and they heard a good response, they eventually gave in and started supporting her.

She loves her family and tries to take out as much time as possible for some family time from her busy schedule. She also wants to sponsor some orphans so that they can have a brighter future and she is already taking complete care of two such kids.

As of right now, Madhulatha reddy has also opened her clothing store which has ethnic wear, Indo-western, sarees, they also customize clothing for women and men, she also has a page on Instagram. Madhulatha Reddy lives by the motto “ You have live once, so live it to the fullest! Live your dream, wear your passion, and do what you love.