Bhargav Chippada

Other names of Bhargav Chippada: Funbucket Bhargav

Bhargav Chippada is an Indian Tiktoker. He came into the limelight after making a video on Tiktok which got more audiences from foreign countries. Bhargav studied until 10 th standard, after which he quit school. He started making videos on Dubsmash, where people used to lipsync popular songs and dialogues to make videos, which later took him to Tiktok. He became famous when a challenge was organized by Tiktok which included all curators from India to showcase their own styled content online and that is where Bhargav won the state-level contest. His video on April fool jokes in 2018 became popular worldwide with over two million views. Soon, he started working on videos with a girl Nithyashree and they act as brother and sister.