Lalasa Rachapudi Telugu Actress

Lalasa Rachapudi is an Indian Telugu singer born in U.S. Lalasa Rachapudi completed her schooling in the U.S. Lalasa is pursuing her second-year degree in MBBS because her mother wanted her to complete her education. While she was staying, her Grandmother came to the USA to take care of her, she used to put on Tv Serials, and Lalasa used to listen to the song which appeared before the serial started. Her parents and her grandparents discovered her passion for singing as her Grandmother ( who encouraged her to join the singing class) was sure about her future. During her school days, Lalasa joined a music institute called Yellamma Institute in Hyderabad to learn Carnatic and Classical Singing.

She permanently came back to India in 2014, Lalasa started singing by taking actively in Reality Shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs, Telugu Indian Idol Story soon >> Read More... Telugu Indian Idol , , etc. Later, she got selected for the top 10 best singers in the Hindi reality show. Lalasa was the only Telugu girl who made it into the top 10 categories of Singers but she still practices singing for two-three hours a day in the morning for maintaining the rhythm of singing.