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Dr.B.Siva started his journey at the age of 16, learning from Shri Chandrasekar. He is one of the faculty members of the Vivekanandha Educational Society. He worked as a music lecturer at Sri Saraswathi College of Educations, Tamil Nadu. He is one of the grade artists in All India Radio, run by the Ministry of Information and Broadcast, India. He is a member of the Advisory Council at Tamil Nadu Music & Fine Arts University.

Since his childhood, he has won many competitions conducted by renowned institutions like Tirumala TirupathiDevastanam, AndraPrasdesh, Madras Music Academy, Kalasagram, Secunderabad, etc.His titles include an extensive list of "Sangeetha Kalarathana” by Thiruparakundaram Shri Skandha Guru Vidyasharm, AasthanaVidhwan of “Sri Kanchikamakoti Mutt, etc. He has also been awarded IsaiChelvar, EzhisaiEndhal, SandhaTamizh Isai Chelvar, ThiruppugazhChemmal, etc.

Hyderabad B.Siva has given numerous concerts and musical presentations and programs in various institutions like the Chennai SangeethaVidhwath Sabha, PonguTamizhPannisaiMandaram, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, International Conference on PanchaPuraanam, etc. Recently, he has given a musical demonstration at the 3rd International Conference on MurugaBakthi, Durban, South Africa, and the 4th International Conference on MurugaBhakti, Colombo, Srilanka. Hyderabad SIVA is known for his activities towards the development of his students in the field of arts and music.

He is the founder of SukhiNikhetan Arts Academy, a musical institution in which around 250 students learn Carnatic Music. He is also well known for publishing books related to South Indian Music, Thirumurai of Naalvar, and is also a launcher of various music ACDs in the concept of "Listen & Learn." He is also the launcher of his latest book on Thiruppugazh as “Isai ThamizhPaamaalai Series 2” with ACD both containing 4-8 line Thiruppugazh songs in the Third International Conference on MurugaBhakti, Durban, South Africa.

He, with the other 108 students, is popular in presenting various thematic concerts in a unique style and theme called "Ashtothra Sangeetha Haaram." Currently, he is well known for his rendering of songs in a unique style without breaking the phrases not only in Thamizh Compositions but other language compositions too. He is liked for singing a member of Viruthams in his programs. His journey as a Music Teacher didn't end within the boundaries of our country. He is also an Advisor to Musical Institutions in Malaysia and South Africa, equally spreading our culture and art to the students in those countries.


Born: 5 March 1959

Age Now 65

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Lived For 30 Years

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Kanchanamala - (Movie Actress)

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Age Now 48

Mallikarjun - (Playback Singer)

Born: 5 March 1995

Age Now 29

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Born: 5 March 1993

Age Now 31

Srikanth Mandumula - (Director)

Born: 5 March 1999

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