Prasad Kl Damodar

Other names of Prasad Kl Damodar: K L Damodar Prasad
Prasad Kl Damodar Telugu Actor
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Prasad KL Damodar is a South Indian film producer. He works in the Telugu and Malayalam film industries. Damodar is the son of the famous producer Ranjithkumar, who worked in multiple blockbuster films with Krishna. Ranjith launched ‘Sri Ranjith Movies’ in 1973, and his first project was ‘Cheekati Velugulu’ starring Krishna, Vanisri, and Padmapriya in the lead roles. Damodar started contributing to this company as well. Their 4th film ‘Naa Lage Endaro’ won 12 Nandi awards, which included the Golden Nandi for best movie. After his father’s death on June 11th, 1984, Damodar took over. Damodar worked/ produced in many well-known films, some of which are: Kalyana Vaibhogame(2016), Hora Hori(2015), Anthaka Mundu Aa Tarvatha and Ala Modalaindi(2011). 

​Damodar aspires to establish himself in the field of production firmly. His movie Ala Modalaindi was a huge hit even though it had many issues in production and some hindrance during release. His advice to the aspiring film producers is to do it with utmost passion and to have a liking for the industry. He also stresses the point that to succeed, one must treat it as a business. His advice is not to make films with any personal agenda or personal ego.