Junior SV Ranga rao was born on 19 March 1982. His grandfather SV Ranga Rao was a legendary actor during the 1960s’. So, SVR junior’s family was no stranger to the Telugu language cinema industry courtesy his grandfather’s legacy. He is a native of Eluru district. SVR Jr had finished his formal education at Venkat Subba Rao High School, Chennai. He termed himself as an “outstanding” student during his school days. In this context, he meant that he used to stand outside the class due to his indiscipline.

SVR Jr also admitted that he never paid attention in the lectures. In fact, he obtained a BA degree in the course of English Literature from Andhra University through the correspondence medium. Rangarao junior had already made up his mind to follow his grandfather’s footsteps and become an actor. Initially, Jr Rangarao produced and acted in his first movie. His first role was a negative character. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the motion picture could not get screened.

This chain of events did hurt the youngster, but he took it in his stride and opted to launch himself with the action flick “Mr. 7.” In Mr. 7, Jr Rangarao portrays the role of a car thief Lakshman who falls in love with a girl, but her father wants an honest and hardworking boy for his daughter. However, Lakshman draws the ire of a criminal because of his past. Neelam Upadhyay has played the character of Nakshatra in this motion picture. Released in 2012, Mr. 7 disappointed the viewers and the journalists alike. Along with the screenplay, several reviewers criticized Jr SVR’s act in this film.

Mr 7 had a positive start as fans hoped him to emulate his grandfather’s aura with the help of his performance. Years later, Jr SV Rangarao featured in Rajesh Puli’s Bunny N Cherry. In this venture, Bunny and Cherry get involved in an accident which interchanges their respective memories. Kruthi made her Tollywood debut in this slapstick comedy.

Bunny N Cherry received negative reviews and it was a commercial failure. Jr SV Rangarao married Shanusha Samarla on 26 July 2009. His family currently lives in Madhapur, Hyderabad. Jr SVR considers his sister as his best critic. His favorite movie is Pathala Bhairavi Click to look into! >> Read More... Pathala Bhairavi . According to the actor, his daughter Swasthika has been lucky for him. For the action scenes in Mr 7, Jr SVR performed his stunts by himself where he met with an injury as well.