The Indian film industry provides equal opportunities both to the grown-up actors and the child actors. The rate at which the uprise of child actors is taking place is tremendous. Ronit Kamra is also one of those rising stars. Ronit is a very well-known child actor and model, known for his acting in the Telegu Film industry. Ronit hails from Delhi and is born and brought up in a Punjabi family. Ronit is born to his father, Vipin Kamra, and the mother, Sonia Kamra. Ronit is a bubbly boy who carries innocence in his eyes.

Unlike other kids, who fear the camera, Ronit is absolutely the opposite. He is very fond of facing the camera and does his work diligently. Ronit is a fun-loving kid and full of energy. Ronit is an extremely talented kid who not only does films but also performs modeling assignments for many renowned brands. Ronit’s mother always accompany him as he has to travel to different locations for the project. Ronit’s mother supported him to enter into this field. Ronit is profoundly known for acting in the superhit Telegu movie Jersey, directed by GowtamTinnanuri. Ronit played the character of young Nani.

His marvelous performance made everyone left mesmerized. Ronit got a lot of appreciation from the viewers and his cast. His expressions, dialogue delivery, got applauded. He was perfect in giving melancholy shots, which for a kid is not so easy. Ronit in true sense is a " Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka was a reality show that >> Read More... Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka ." Even after hailing from North India with not much knowledge of the Telegu language, he practiced and made everyone stunned with his performance. His performance in the movie yielded him more and more offers from different filmmakers and directors. His mother feels blessed to have him as his son.

According to the cast and crew of Jersey, Ronit is a notorious boy, but when it comes to shooting, he behaves professionally and gives his best shot. Ronit has done campaigns for brands like Horlicks, Fab India, Tupperware, TATA Life insurance, and many more. He is known to have worked in more than twenty-five commercials. He has walked down on many ramps and fashion shows. Ronit aspires to be a famous Bollywood star someday. With his sheer dedication, hard work, and passion, we can say that one day he would be amongst the top names of the industry.