Trushna Chandratre or Phulpakhru`s Tanya, as some of you might know her, has time and again impressed us in real as well as reel life. If you have finecombed through Trushna`s Instagram, then you couldn`t have missed her impeccable fashion sense.

The actress is always seen experimenting with her style and isn`t afraid to try out unconventional looks. From ethnic to bohemian outfits, Trushna has nailed each appearance with seamless ease. Trushna`s milliondollar smile wins major brownie points.

In all her pictures, the actress can always be seen with her shining smile, which can cheer everyone up. Trushna's powerful performance at Purpakuru is a testament to her formidable acting skills.

She played a side character’s role in the show, but never failed to get her attention.  The most favorite scene of viewers from the show to date is a scene showing the battle between her and Samir.

Despite being a popular name, Trushna is unfounded. At the end of the show, the actress shared her memorable work experience by addressing her co-stars. Trushna is always positive. Her energy, her enthusiasm for life and career will motivate anyone.