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Aditya Ingale is a director as well as Editor, Dialogue writer, and Assistant Director. Aditya Ingale has primarily worked in the Marathi industry and has worked in languages like Marathi. Aditya Ingale has worked in well-known movies like Paulwaat. Aditya Ingale's finest works include Paulwaat (2011) and Aandhali Koshimbir (2014). Aditya Ingale and Abhiram Bhadkamkar Abhiram Bhadkamkar is a bundle of talent, which bl >> Read More... wrote Paulwaat (2011). The story is about a struggling singer trying to create his place in Mumbai. It is a musical drama. Aandhali Koshimbir is about a companionless father, Bapu, and his son Ranga and about a lonely woman, Shanti, and her landlord Marne, a lawyer and a bad poet who is in love with her. Aandhali Koshimbir was met with favorable reviews. These are his best works. He has worked in various fields.


Born: 3 March 1997

Age Now 27

Payal Patil - (Actress)


Born: 2 March 1975

Age Now 49

Vitthal Patil - (Choreographer)

Born: 2 March 1969

Age Now 55

Sunil Agresar - (Director)

Born: 1 March 1947

Age Now 77

Bashir Momin Kavathekar - (Poet)

Born: 1 March 1904

Age Now 120

Ilahi Jamadar - (Lyricist)