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Marathi Actor Ruturaj Wankhede
  • DOB : 08-08
  • Gender : Male

Ruturaj Wankhede is a Marathi actor and director. He is known for Jayanti (2021). Jayanti was directed by Shailesh Baliram Narwade Shailesh Narwade is a dramatist, filmmaker, and me >> Read More... . Jayanti was written by Tanojkumar Meshram and Shailesh Baliram Narwade. Ruturaj’s co-stars in Jayanti include Titeeksha Tawde Titeeksha Tawde is a Marathi actress born on 3rd J >> Read More... and Anjali Jogalekar. Wankhede played Tapasvi Bharti in Halfpace (2021). Halfpace was written by Gary Rowlands and directed by Kundan Sad Kundan Sad was born on August 18, 1990, in Maharas >> Read More... . Ruturaj’s co-stars in Halfpace were Aditya Sharma Aditya Sharma is an actor known for his role in fa >> Read More... and Shreyas Atkar. Wankhede played the role of Sehdev in the TV Series Drishtibhram (2019). It also stars Piyush Wankhede and Sangramsingh Thakur Sangramsingh Thakur is a well-known artist of Nagp >> Read More... . He played the role of Sonu Chor in Bhaskar Bechain (2022), directed by Shadwal. Raj R Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . Gupta and Shadwal co-wrote Bhaskar Bechain.

It stars Raghuvir Yadav, Vinod Pulawale and Chittaranjan Giri ChittaranjanGiri is an Indian actor who has worked >> Read More... . Ruturaj played Inspector Patil in Case 3Not2, written and directed by Kushagra Jaiswal. It also stars Pranoti Atey, Sanjeev Jain Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Shivani Joshi Shivani Joshi is an actor predominantly working in >> Read More... . He did a short film Who is Dog? in 2018. It was directed by Prashant Hadke. Sandeep Tirpude and Prashant Hadke were the writers of Who is Dog? It also stars Sathish Ashode, Sachin Bure and Geeta Dewat. Ruturaj won the Filmfare Award under the Best Male Debut category for Jayanti (2021). Wankhede was nominated for Filmfare’s Best Actor under Critic Choice category. Ruturaj won Special Jury Mention for Best Actor Award in Star Pravah Picture Puraskar for Jayanti.


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