Dushyanth Sridhar Malayalam Actor

Being the youngest in the field (as of 2014), Dushyanth Sridhar is an orator and Indian writer who is specialized in Indian religious texts in Sanskrit and Tamil. He has a well-established presence on regional Indian TV channels and also spreads his teachings through lectures worldwide. Born in Bangalore, this 27-year-old has an IT background.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Chennai and a Masters in Chemistry from BITS, Pilani, it’s almost surprising to see a man that possesses qualities, skill, and talent so far apart in nature. While still currently working for a software company, Sridhar does not fall short of having a deep cultural and spiritual affinity, all of which was developed from when he was a child being exposed to both Sanskrit and Tamil hymns.

He later received advanced training in the same in the scriptures of Sri Vaishnava from well-reputed instructors. Known as the new age exponent, or the modern day upanyaskar, Sridhar holds pride in connecting the youth of the country to our roots and heritage through modern day contexts and perspectives (that even includes Harry Potter!) and bringing about logic in the stories that are usually frowned upon by the said crowd. In contrast to that, he also delivers motivational lectures in retirement homes for the elderly. And in the middle of all these activities, he gives presentations as visiting faculty on management in ancient scriptures to both colleges like the WE School in Mumbai, and a variety of other corporate firms.

So far, Dushyanth Sridhar has delivered over 2000 discourses in English, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada in locations like Kenya, Melbourne, Sydney, cities in Canada, Hong Kong, Shanghai, the UAE, various cities in the USA, and several in India itself. Apart from his usual seminars, Sridhar has also performed alongside assorted acts. One of his most renowned works involves a tie-up with a travel agency to organize heritage tours to places like Chola Nattu, Malai Nattu, Pandiya-Nadu Nattu, Vada Nattu, Andhra Nattu, Thondai Nattu, Nava-Dwaraka and Sri Lanka.

With so much praise and attainment already pocketed by this young man, it is no wonder that he has a variety of awards to his name as well. The Young Achievers’ Award from the Rotary Club of Chennai, Global 30 under 30 Award from BITSAA International and Best Parliamentarian Award from G.D. Birla Memorial Trust in Pilani are just a few of the many that sit in his trophy case as we speak.