J. Willims was born on 26th August, 1948 in Thiruvananthapuram. He died on 20th February, 2005 in Hyderabad. He was a very popular Cinematographer, Producer and Director as well. He was a versatile and talented person. He began his career in the film industry in the year 1974. His wife’s name is Shanthi Williams Shanthi Williams is an Indian actress who is popul >> Read More... Shanthi Williams and they had four kids.

He did a lot of Malayalam films as a Producer, Director and a Cinematographer. He also did movies in other languages like Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. He has done 50 films as a camera person and did a splendid job in all his movies. He did the movie Vishnuvijayam in the year 1974; this was his very first movie and he did an amazing job.

He did many movies like Nijaan Ninne Premikkunnu in the year 1975, Thulavarsham in the year 1976, Anubhavam in the year 1976; he started his career with these movies and as a beginner, he did a splendid job and the audience liked his work very much. He did movies like Sreedevi in the year 1977, Adimakkachavadam in the year 1978, Chuvanna Chirakukal in the year 1979 and much more. He has worked hard during his lifetime. He has done many movies as a Director as well and did a great job as a Director. The audience liked all the movies that he has done as a Director. He is the director of the movie Madaalasa in the year 1978; this was his first film as a director and it hit the screens and the audience liked the movie. In the year 1982 he did the movie Kaaliyamarddanam which was also an amazing movie.

As a Director he has done many movies like Gentleman Security in the year 1994, The Gang in the year 2002, Hello Madras Girl in the year 1983 and much more. He is also a very good story writer; he has written the stories of the films like Madaalasa; he is also the director of this film. He is also the writer of the story of the film Jeevante Jeevan in the year 1985 and Rishi in the year 1992. He has proved himself a very good story writer by writing such beautiful stories of the movies. He has also written the screenplay of the movies like Madaalasa in the year 1978; he is the director and the story writer of the film as well. He is the writer of the screenplay of the movie Jeevante Jeevan in the year 1985.

Mankada Ravi Varma Malayalam Actor

Mankada Ravi Varma

Manakda Ravi Varma was born on 4th June, 1926 in Malappuram, Kerala. Ravi Varma passed away at the age of 84on 22nd November, 2010 in Tamil Nadu, India. People also know him as Raviettan. He started his career in the year 1966. He is a very popular Malayalam Film Director and Cinematographer. He has worked with many famous Directors such as G. Aravindan, P.N. Menon and much more. Ravi Varma is also the director of two movies and he has also won many awards. He has won seven Kerala State Film Awards and Two National Film Awards for many categories. Ravi Varma loved photography when he was a kid. Therefore, he did his graduation from Victoria College and he also studied motion pictures photography from the FTII (Institute Of Film Technology). After he had completed his studies from FTII, he shot many short films and noteworthy documentaries. His very first work which became very popular was Olavum Theeravum. he worked on this film in the year 1970, the director of this film was P.N Menon and M.T Vasudevan Nair is the writer of the script. The film Olavum Theeravum was an amazing film by the entire team and they had the lighting a little different from the other films, but they somehow managed and did an amazing job. He also did the film Aval in the year 1966 and the director of this film was Aziz. He also did the film Dikkatra Parvathi in the year 1973 and the film Uttarayanam in the year 1974. He is an amazing and talented Cinematographer; he takes less light as an advantage.   He has worked a lot with the very famous director Adoor Gopalakrishnan. Adoor and Ravi became very good friends and made their first film together named Swayamvaram in the year 1971. Ravi also won many awards for the film Swayamvaram; this was an amazing film and brought many changes in Kerala. In the year 1981, they again did a film together named Elippathayam; this was also a great film as both of them worked hard for the film. They did a lot of films together. Later, Ravi started his career as a Director and as a Director he did his first film named Nokkukuthi and this film got an award which was a very proud moment for him. Ravi Varma was a very amazing writer as well he has written the book Chiram Chala Chitram and this book also won the Best Book award. His book Chiram Chala Chitram was about Cinematography and people liked the book very much.


Anand C Chandran

Anand C Chandran is an Indian cinematographer. Born to Bini Chandran on April 3, 1991, Anand showed interests in filming videos right from a very young age. This 25 year old was born in Kerala. He attended Sivagiri Vidyaniketan for his lower primary schooling and completed his primary education from Rajagiri Higher Secondary School. He later joined Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir in Girinagar and at the same time, he joined IGM Public School. He has a sister. He is fluent in English and Malayalam. Anand shot video clips on his phone camera in his early days when he had this epiphany, which he wanted to pursue it as a career. He bought a DSLR camera later and began his romance with photography. After joining Bachelors in Science in Film Technology at the illustrious SRM University, he started making few short films to explore and hone his skills. As an undergraduate, he spent his time trying to understand filming and camera. He began his journey in the Film Industry in 2011, even before he graduated, under the guidance of Alphonse Puthren. The director believed this young cinematographer had the talent to be the cinematographer for Neram, a bilingual film that was simultaneously shot in Malayalam and Tamil. He was even associated with the Lokadharmi Theater group in Kochi. In 2013, he moved to Mumbai and a year later he began work on Premam. His biggest hit of all times turned out to be Premam, which was widely cherished by the film fraternity. Premam is a musical romantic-comedy that revolved around the coming-of-age of the central character played by Nivin Pauly and directed by Alphonse Puthren. It was released in 2015 and Anand earned reputation with the movie being screened in the theaters of UAE and USA. He tributes his art to development via short films. He feels that during his struggling days, distributing and displaying short films were not as easy and they were not even taken seriously in those days. His short film creations include “The Rat: A Sexy Tale”, “Oru Kutty Chodyam (A little Question)” and “Kattan Kaappi”. Anand has also made appearances in some of his short films. He recently got engaged to Swathy Pratap and currently resides in Mumbai. He looks up to Alphonse as a friend, guide, and inspiration, with whom he enjoys working the most. As a young man, Anand has achieved a lot in life that others can just dream of doing. He continues working as a cinematographer and has recently worked on another project called Anandam, which has been a moderate success. Another version of this Bio... Anand C. Chandran is a cinematographer popular in South Indian film industry. He was born on 3rd April 1991. He hails from the town of Alwaya in Kerela. He was from the first batch of students who did the course of B.Sc Film Technology from SRM University, Chennai. While there, he was part of the Lokadharmi Theatre group as well. His talent and aptitude for cinematography were displayed early on when he won the award for best cinematography at the inter-college short film competition at Madras Christian College for the short film titled ‘Letters from Heaven’. Right after he completed his education, he got offered the job of director of photography for "Neram"(2013), his first film. The film, a thriller with dark humour, did very well in cinemas. The movie was so well received in Kerela and in Tamil Nadu that it will be re-made in Telugu and Marathi as well. The movie is about an engineer called Mathew, his love life, his family problems, money debts and how these all fuse together to create misery for him and how in the end it all gets resolved. The film won best debut actor awards at the Filmfare awards and the Best Actor’s Pair award at Asianet Film Awards. His mantra is that the Director of Photography should keep the screen shots in sync with the script of the film for best results and he believes that the most effective way of learning the art of the camera is by watching films. Another one of his projects was "Aviyal", a Tamil film which was written as well as directed by six directors – Alphonse Putharen, Mohit Mehra, Lokesh Kanagaraj, Guru Smaran, Shameer Sultan. It is a compilation of short films by these directors and had multiple casts working together. Chandran was one of the five cinematographers chosen to work on this project. Another one of his films is "Premam", a Malayalam romantic comedy, directed by Alphonse Putharen. The movie, released in 2015, was critically acclaimed and did exceedingly well at the box office. The story is about a boy named George and how love evades him over the years, playing cruel tricks on him all along. This movie won multiple awards at various award functions such as IIFA Utsavam, Asia Vision Movie Awards, Asianet Film Awards, and more. Another movie he has to his name is the short film titled "Kattan Kappi" (Black Coffee), a film about the life of John right after the end of his relationship with his long-time girlfriend. Chandran is a young artist and mostly does film that represent the youth. He is good with his work and thus is doing so well from such an early age on. Although all the movies that Chandran has worked on have won multiple awards and have been very well appreciated, but he himself did not receive any personal awards. Despite that, he seems to have a promising career and will surely do many more award winning movies in the future.

Anand C Chandran Malayalam Actor