Kim San-ho Korean Actor

Kim San-ho is a South Korean Actor. He was born on 12 February 1982. He is best known for playing roles in musical theatre. He starred in stage productions of South Korea like Grease, The Fantasticks, and The Days.

He completed his education at Seoul Institute of the Arts- Theater Korea Arts Institute-Musical Acting. He was seen in the musicals The Kingdom of the Winds, Grease, Shin Sang-Nam Musical Concert, Thrill me, Fever Night- Season 2, Music in my Heart, March of Youth, Temptation of Wolves, Caffeine, Legally Blonde, and The Days.

He was seen in films like Crazy waiting in 2008, A friend in Need in 2010, and My Secret Partner in 2011. Kim was also seen in various television series. Some of them are Mr. Goodbye, Look Back with a Smile, My precious you, Let’s Eat, and many more.  

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